• Rio Seco's School-Wide Behavior (Step) System:


    Step 1:  Verbal warning 

    Step 2:  Teacher counsel about behavior expectations

    Step 3:  Parent contacted via email or phone
    Step 4:  Refer to vice principal or principal
    Step 5:  Referred to vice principal or principal and
    in-school or out of school suspension.
    **Students will be filling out a "Think Sheet" for every step received. 

    **Students have 5 school days "probation" between each step.  If they have no other behavior problems during that time, they will be given a fresh start.  Any behavior problems that occur during the 5 day "probation" will advance students to the next step.
    ***This plan may be modified to meet a student's individual needs. 


Last Modified on August 17, 2017