• Theme Essay Template


    THEME is an underlying message or lesson about life that an author is trying to portray through character's actions and changes. Theme is not just one word, like “Friendship” or "Loyalty."  It’s a sentence that states a claim like, “A true friend will always be there for you, even when times get tough.”  As we read the story, you will have a note in Notability that you will be adding quotes or events from the book to.  You will be writing a theme essay at the end, so you will want to gather evidence for your theme as you go.


    Stargirl theme ideas:

     Embrace who you are, even if…

    Don’t judge people by…

    Don’t let others influence…..

    It’s okay to change how you think about…

    Have an open mind: you never know…..




    The very beginning of your essay is called the hook because it “hooks” your readers’ attention. The hook should relate to the topic of your essay, but it can take many forms. It can be:

    1. An anecdote (a very short story): Describe an experience you have   
        had that relates to the theme.
    2. A surprising fact: Find a fact that will raise your readers’ eyebrows.
    3. A rhetorical question (a question to which you don’t expect an
        answer): Ask your readers a question that reflects your point of view
        about the theme.
    4. A quote: Find a thought-provoking quote that relates to the topic of your

      ***Choose one of the ideas above, or use your own idea.











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    *New district Language Arts program:  Amplify 


    *Whole class novel studies

    *Junior Scholastic Magazine


    *Independent reading/book clubs 

    *Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop
    Writing Genres: 
    *1st Trimester - Narrative
    *2nd Trimester - Informative
    *3rd Trimester - Argument




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