• Homework - In General...

    ~ Students are encouraged to read at home, however, this will not be a requirement.  My thinking is for them to want to read versus having to read.  
    ~ Our math program, CPM (College Preparatory Math), is a fun and challenging program and may require the students to complete homework almost nightly.  The math homework will always be based on what we did in class that particular day.  
    ~ Periodically, they will have a project based on what is being taught in the different curriculum areas.  All projects and due dates will be posted on the "Homework Assignments" page of this website.  
    Typically, I give students the time they need to complete assignments and projects in class.  However, if students need additional time, this will be where continuing the work at home comes in.

    Students will keep all daily assignments, as well as anything that needs to be done/completed at home, in a student planner.  The student planner is a clear, daily communication between school and home, and needs to be reviewed by a parent/guardian each day and signed at the end of each week.
Last Modified on July 12, 2018