Cuyamaca Outdoor School
    12561 Highway 79
    Descanso, CA 91916

    This year we are going to Sixth Grade Camp from Monday, January 14 to Friday, January 18, 2019.

    Use the address above to send a letter to your child while we're there.  Be sure to get it in the mail the Saturday before we leave or that Monday so it arrives before Friday morning. 

    We always arrive back at school on Friday  between 11:30-12:15.  Parents may NOT attend camp with their student.  The camp is fully staffed with instructors, a principal, RNs, overnight staff, cafeteria staff, and the 6th grade teachers from Rio Seco.   

    Cost: TBD


    You can make payments or pay in full with a check, cash, or  click here: PayPal  
    Take a tour of Camp Cuyamaca
    Watch a video of camp  
    Cuyamaca Open houseflyer: TBA


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    Are you ready to go?

    White medical form must be turned in with medication on or before the morning we leave.  It must be signed by a doctor.  If you have any questions,  the nurse's office at school.  






    Don't forget your sunscreen and hat!
    Bring clothes you can layer; it gets cold at night! It might even snow!



    Below find links related to and information on Sixth Grade Camp.

    The Kumeyaay Indians lived in San Diego County!

    Project:  Write an informational essay on the Kumeyaay Indians and a historical poem. Everything you need is on this Kumeyaay Indians page.  Have fun!

    Visit Mission Trails Regional Park and find out about native plants and animals of San Diego County and the Kumeyaay Indians.

    Find out about the Kumeyaay Indians that lived in San Diego County. (Soon there will be an interactive game to play!)


    Take a tour of Camp Cuyamaca!





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