In Room 20, the students will share supplies as a table group.  There will be communal supplies for all kids to access when needed.  All individual pencil pouches or boxes will need to stay in your child's backpack for home use.
     Students will ONLY need the following individual supplies:
    Backpack and water bottle
    Earbuds in a baggies that can stay at school
    Binder 1 inch with a clear front pocket (I have a sample if not sure)
    1 spiral notebook
    2 composition books - NOT spiral bound
    Donations for Classroom
    Ticonderoga Pencils (preferred)
    Glue sticks
    Crayola Crayons (16 pack)
    Crayola Colored Pencils (16 pack)
    Black Expo Markers
    Box of Kleenex
Last Modified on August 12, 2018