Many of our students are driven to school in the morning and are picked up by parents in the afternoon.  A safe drop-off area is provided to reduce the possibility of accidents.  We have a small parking lot and very little space for cars to pass. Please remember to keep traffic flowing slowly and carefully through the parking lot.   Pull all the way forward to ease traffic when you are dropping off your child. While you are waiting for your child, please stay in the car so that your vehicle can move forward as necessary.

     As you are leaving the parking lot, please drive slowly and watch for children in the crosswalk and respect our student Safety Patrol.   Take care to drop off your child in a place where he/she does not need to cross in front of on-coming traffic. By following these safety precautions, we can keep our children safe. The busiest times in the parking lot are typically at 8:25 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.  Please drop off and pick up students in front of the grass next to the parking lot. The entrance on Settle is for buses.

    We appreciate your cooperation to make Sycamore a safer environment for everyone.


     Please make sure that you make arrangements to have your child picked up on time every day.  We understand that sometimes there are circumstances that may delay you in picking up your child at his/her dismissal time.  After school supervision is limited.  When a teacher leaves the duty area, your child needs to go to the office and make a phone call.  Students are not to be running around, climbing,  throwing rocks or misbehaving.  These rules also apply to those students waiting for older siblings to be dismissed.  Please help us enforce these rules for the safety of all students.


    Attendance Line – (619) 258-2205

    One of our goals at Sycamore Canyon is to instill in our students the importance of education. Students who value education do better in school. We believe that regular attendance and punctuality are necessary for high achievement and future success in the work world. A student will be marked tardy if he/she is not in line during the morning flag salute and announcements.  Teachers take attendance while students are standing in line. Every absence or tardy can interfere with a child’s progress.  The state of California will only excuse absences due to student illness, doctor/dental appointment, or to attend a funeral.  All other absences are unexcused unless parents complete an Independent Study Contract. This contract is only for a student who plans on being absent for five or more sequential days of school and it can be obtained from the office.  If a child completes the work while on the contract, he/she receives credit for doing the work.


    Please be sure to update the school office regarding any changes with your emergency phone numbers. State law requires us to have valid emergency numbers on file for every student.  Each September we send home new locator cards for you to complete and return to the school.  During the year, please let us know when you change phone numbers, contact names, or addresses. You need to notify the health clerk with any health concerns or changes in your child’s medical history.  We mail items home during the year and in case of emergencies, we need up-to-date information on each student.

    Reminder: only the names of the individuals that appear on the locator card will be allowed to take your child off campus.


    Students practice fire drills and/or earthquake drills once per month. All students evacuate the school to the primary playground where attendance is taken to account for every child.  Our goal is to evacuate all students and take roll in 4 minutes.  We also have 2- way radio communication between our school and the district office. Staff is trained yearly for disaster and emergency procedures.  In case of an emergency/disaster students will be released only to parents or adults listed on the locator card.


    Students are only allowed to use phones with teacher permission and/or for emergencies.  Please make arrangements with your child for after-school-activities, etc., before he/she leaves in the morning.  Please do not ask office staff to interrupt the classroom for non-emergency messages. When the phone rings in the classroom, the teacher has to stop instruction. This is not fair to the other children and is very disruptive to the educational program.   We appreciate your cooperation in this area. Each classroom has a phone and you will be able to access your child’s teacher via voice mail and/or e-mail.


    In the event that the health aide/nurse determines that a child is too ill to remain at school, parents or designated emergency person(s) will be called to pick up the child at school. Ill students will not be allowed to walk home during the school day.  Once notified, parents will need to make arrangements for the student to be picked up within one hour.  (Again, please make sure that all emergency numbers are current throughout the school year.)  Only authorized adults can sign students out. You may be required to show picture identification before the child is released.  If your child is injured at school, you will also be contacted.  If the injury is severe and we cannot reach you or anyone at the emergency numbers, we will call paramedics and they will determine if transportation to a hospital is necessary.


    If it is necessary for your child to take medication at school, the medication must be kept in the health aide’s office and is not to be taken to class.  A physician’s statement must accompany all medication brought to school and submitted to the health clerk. Medication should be clearly labeled with the name of the student, doctor, pharmacy, date, medication dosage and times medication should be taken.  This includes: pills, injections, inhalers, eye and ear drops, cough medicine, cough drops, aspirin or similar products. All medicine not picked up at the end of the school year will be disposed.


    We encourage all parents to provide insurance for their children. A low-cost policy is made available through the school district. Information is sent home during the first few weeks of school.


    Visitors are welcome at Sycamore Canyon. For the safety of students, staff and visitors, we require that all parents, volunteers and guests sign in at the office and wear a visitors badge. Adults walking on campus without a badge will be stopped and asked to go to the office to sign in. Non-enrolled students are not allowed on the school grounds or in the parking area during school hours unless they are with a parent.  Older students who walk younger students home need to meet them at the front parking lot.  Dogs are not allowed on campus. We ask that you please cooperate with the staff for the safety of everyone here at Sycamore.


    The morning flag salute and announcements is a time for all of us to come together as an entire school.  It provides the students with a sense that our school is part of a learning community. We strive to teach all of our students respect and discipline. We expect them to stand quietly and listen to the speakers. 

    If you are at school with your child and are participating, please help us by modeling these skills for all of our students.  We ask that parents stand on the east side near the cafeteria tables so students watch the speaker.



    A recognition assembly and reception for each classroom’s ACE Award recipient is usually held on the last Friday of the month for K-6 students.

    Parents are invited to join us at these assemblies to participate in the celebration.  Our PTA provides refreshments and pictures.



    We invite you to visit school and observe the lunch program any day.  If you would like to have lunch with your child, please have him/ her order a lunch for you in the morning. 

    Menus are sent home every other month and are also printed in local newspapers.   


    Free and Reduced Meals

    An application must be submitted for each child, each year and approved by the Food Services Director for students to qualify for the free and reduced lunch program. If you have any questions about this program, please contact the school office.



    Parents have the primary responsibility for students’ appearance and attire. Students are expected to be well groomed and dressed appropriately for school so as not to disrupt or interfere with the educational process. Appropriately, dressed students tend to be more focused on schoolwork and display pride in themselves and their school. Students are not permitted to have or wear any of the following items:

    ·        tops that expose the midriff, cleavage, or that are transparent

    ·        clothing with drug, alcohol and/or tobacco logos

    ·        clothing with inappropriate profane language or sexual innuendo

    ·        clothing which promotes illegal practices, gang affiliation, or violence

    ·        clothing that is offensive to others

    ·        wallet chains, other chains, spike bracelets or collars

    ·        baseball hats/caps or visors in class

    ·        excessive make-up or unnatural hair coloring

    ·        tops with straps less than 2 inches in width

    ·        clothing which reveals undergarments

    ·        shorts or mini-skirts that are excessively short (must not be shorter than thumb when arm is at side)

    All students are expected to have footwear that covers and protects their feet.  Pants must be worn at the waist and belts must stay in the belt loops and not expose underwear.  Students who do not comply with these guidelines will be given a change of clothing or call home for a change of clothing.  Please respect these guidelines when buying clothing for children.  Appropriate clothing for school contributes to a child’s total attitude and success in school. We appreciate your cooperation in this area.

    Please refer to the district website for additional dress code requirements each year.


    Our goal is to maintain a positive, safe and quality learning environment.  Students are asked to be courteous, respectful, practice safety and be cooperative both in and out of the classroom. Appropriate behavior is rewarded with special privileges, recognition, classroom rewards and activities. We believe that each student has a right to learn and that each teacher has the right to teach.


    The following inappropriate behaviors will not be tolerated:

    ·        fighting or horse playing that leads to or may lead to someone getting injured or hurt

    ·        use of profanity or swearing (inappropriate language)

    ·        direct defiance or disrespect to an adult

    ·        intimidation, threats, bullying, or harassment of any kind

    ·        possession of inappropriate, dangerous, or illegal items (weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.)

    ·        damage of school property

    ·        theft

    Students engaging in any of these behaviors or those that disrupt school activities will receive consequences that may include the following: loss of privileges, detention, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension or expulsion from the Santee School District.  Depending on the severity of the behavior, the School Resource Officer (SRO) will be called in to handle the situation.  Santee School District has a zero tolerance policy for drugs and weapons.   Knives (or replicas), weapons, drugs, or alcohol are not to be brought to school.  Possession of a knife (for any reason), weapon, or drugs/alcohol will result in suspension pending administrative review and may lead to expulsion.  Parents are contacted by phone and/or written referral when children are referred to the office.  A parent conference will be required for continued disruption of school activities and before a student is allowed to return to class.

    Students are not permitted to use cell telephones, pagers, or similar electronic devices during the school day .


    Parents will be contacted when a pupil is required to remain after school, for more than ten minutes. In this way, a definite “check-in” time may be established at home to ensure safety.


    Students in grades 4-6 will be allowed to ride bicycles to school. All bicycles must be individually locked in the bike enclosure.  Students who wish to ride their bicycles need to have a bicycle application on file in the school office.  Students are required to follow all school rules to ensure  safety. These  include wearing a helmet, walking bicycles on campus and displaying respect and courtesy to others.  Failure to follow the rules will result in the loss of the privilege to ride a bicycle to school. The applications can be picked up in the office.

    Roller blades, roller shoes or scooters are not permitted on campus.  Skateboards are not allowed on campus because of City Ordinance #21113



    Project Safe is an on-site childcare program. Care is offered from 6:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. but is available for shorter periods of time. Please call (619) 258-2369 for further information.



    This program is for fifth and sixth grade students who wish to participate and have the recommendation of their teacher.  The following criteria are taken into consideration: citizenship, attitude, effort and responsibility. The Sheriff’s Department cooperates with the school in training the Patrol to guard school crossings and protect our students.

    All students are required to obey the Safety Patrol members.  Safety Patrol members must not be distracted in any way while on duty.  To distract a patrol member is a serious violation of school and police policy.  Safety Patrol boys and girls are on duty daily before and after school along Settle at the crosswalk and on the upper driveway to assist students at the crosswalk.


     Clothing, lunch boxes and other articles that are left in classrooms by students will be kept in the rooms for one week.  Articles will be placed in the  “Lost and Found” cart if their owners have not claimed them after one week.  Please clearly mark all personable belongings such as: jackets, sweaters, lunch boxes, etc. with your child’s name.  Children who have lost items should check their room first and then the “Lost and Found” cart.  The cart will be located by the kitchen on the last day of each month for your child to check.



    Students visit the school library with their classrooms.  Students are responsible for returning books by the due date and are expected to pay for lost or damaged books.  

    The School Improvement Program (SIP) is a state-funded project designed to improve existing educational programs from kindergarten through sixth grade.  It furnishes additional funds for:

    ·        purchase of school supplementary materials and equipment

    ·        substitutes to release teachers to attend professional development conferences, workshops, and/or in-services

    ·        parent education workshops

    ·        Breakfast Club Day Care

     This program helps children by:

    ·        meeting individual needs to ensure academic success

    ·        providing teachers with classroom instructional materials

    ·        promoting a positive school experience for each child


    Each year parents and school staff review our instructional program.   Goals are written in a plan called, Single Site Plan (SSP), which incorporates instructional strategies for every area of the curriculum. This SSP is revised and updated with new goals every school year.


    The School Site Council (SSC) is made up of parents, teachers, instructional assistants, and administrators.  The purpose of the council is to monitor the instructional program of the school and the Site Improvement funds.



    We are proud of the school’s appearance and we would appreciate your cooperation in helping us instill in your children the importance of pride and respect for school property. The school belongs to everyone and when anyone damages or destroys school property, money that is used to repair or replace the damaged or destroyed property is diverted from the educational program.

    Thank you in advance for your help, support and cooperation.  Let’s make this the best year for everyone connected with Sycamore Canyon


    Sycamore Staff

Last Modified on August 22, 2014