• A Little About Medoggies Hibiscus

    My name is Mr. Eveland, and I have always wanted to help people. I am a native San Diegan and love it here. Sports and music have always been hobbies of mine. I hope to use these skills and knowledge to improve the motivation of my students. I also do voices, accents, and love to use puppets.
    In the past I have been an educator at the San Diego Zoo (so I know quite a bit about animals and plants) and worked at camps (more experience with wildlife). I love animals and plants! So great is my love for wildlife, that I almost went to college to become a park ranger instead of a teacher. I'm glad I made the right choice, however, because of the wonderful feeling I get from helping students get on the road to an enriched life. I hope to make a difference in people's lives through education for many years to come.
    Maker/Breaker Space is a new element I am adding to my classroom. I have added it because of the iPads and many other building and making opportunities I have been given over the past year. The ideas of Seymour Papert have inspired me to do more experience and making activities in my class.  
    Last year, I wrote a grant for an innovation space for our school, and we were awarded $15,000 dollars for robotics, 3d printers, and some prototyping supplies. I will be coaching the staff to facilitate student learning in programming, designing solutions for specific customers, and prototyping solutions. By 6th grade, students will design a solution to an environmental problem and create a prototype from scratch. We will have an innovation fair near the end of school to celebrate their designs. 
    I am playing baseball with the Stars of the 35 and up league of the SDABL. I love sports!  



Last Modified on August 20, 2017