• If you would like to do some additional work (it is not required),  here are some ways to "challenge" your child:

    -There are many, many websites with educational value!!!  Your child can go on towww.tenmarks.com (for math work), www.spellingcity.com (spelling and word work), www.starfall.com (reading skills),  www.funbrain.com (academic games), and www.freerice.com (vocabulary skills).  You can find websites with printable worksheets on many subjects (www.superteacherworksheets.com) and most authors have great websites (www.davepilkey.com) with all kinds of activities.  There are also some web sites that you will need to pay to join (www.studyisland.com) that have test preparation activities.  You can check on my school web site (under "web resources") for ideas.  You can also look on other teacher websites for some different links.

    -Your child may always read a more difficult book and complete a written response to that book.  The response may be a summary of the story or chapter, it may be a character study (describe a character), it may be a reflection of the book (what you liked, what you didn't and why) or it may be an extension of the story (like make up a new ending).

    -Your child may do a research project on a subject of their choosing (an animal, a country, a planet etc...).  They can read a non-fiction book and write 5 facts that they learned, draw a poster, or make a mini-book.

    -You can have your child make up games and puzzles (word searches, crossword puzzles or board games) either by hand or using a computer.

    -You can have your child create a "Math Journal".  He/she can record observations about math in every day life (time, money, patterns, fractions, percentages).

    -You can purchase workbooks and have your child complete the pages.

    -You can do some simple science experiments at home.  There are many websites and books to give you ideas.

    -Don't forget that children learn while playing!  You can run around outside, join an organized sport, sign up for music lessons (Desert Rose Music Studio is near the library), or be creative (keep a journal, paint, draw, build with Legos, play with clay). 

    If you would like for me to track your child's progress on any of these extra activities, you may send in a print out from a website, a short paragraph about what your child worked on, or your child's project with your child's homework folder.  I will reward participating students with extra beads. 
Last Modified on August 17, 2017