•                  Room 7 Rules/PAWS Expectations


                                   Practice respect.

                                                                                          Accept responsibility.

                                                          Work through challenges.

                                                          Show each other kindness.

    Rewards rewards 

    1. Tickets for PAWSitive behavior-
       If student's ticket is pulled in
       our daily drawing, s/he will be 
       the Sycamore Star that day.
       Privileges include:
           a. Sitting in comfy chair
           b. Running errands
           c. Keeping game "Star
               Student" trophy at desk
           d. Choosing the magic word
           e. Being line leader
           f. Treasure box prize
    2. Whole class keys-
        Keys are rewarded for whole
        class positive behavior.  100
        keys will earn a treat or
        special privelege.

    Consequences consequences

    Our color coded card/step system will be 
    used as follows:

    1. Student will begin  with a  GREEN card. 

    2. If a behavior warning is given, card

      will be changed to YELLOW (Step 1)
      This is only a warning, but disqualifies 
      student from being the Sycamore Star. 

    3. Another behavior warning will result

       in a RED card (Step 2), which will be a 

       loss of recess.

    4. A BLUE card (Step 3) will be given for 

       an additional warning, and will require a

       phone call, note, or email home.

    5. Student will be sent to office

       for any future behavior problems and 

       will receive a  BLACK card (Step 4) .


     NOTE: Bullying, destruction of property,

    defiance, weapons at school, consistent

    misbehavior or violent behavior will result 

    in an automatic referral to the office. 









Last Modified on August 18, 2018