•      About Our Class. . .    

    Staying on top of things!
    Welcome to
         Mrs.Sagat's Class! 
                   This is our daily schedule:
    •  8:30               School begins/Assembly
    •  8:45               Math 
    • 10:15              Recess
    • 10:30              P.E./Circle
    • 11:00              ELA
    • 12:30              Lunch
    •   1:00              Silent Reading
    •   1:40              Social Studies or Science
    •   2:46              Dismissal
    1. Your student comes to school on time every day.
    2. Your student is prepared to learn everyday and
      has all assignments complete.
    3. Your student follows all school and class rules.
    Assignments are listed on the board each day. 
    Every student has
    an "Agenda" where all
    assignments for the day are written down.
    Much of the work is completed in class, however
    if your student doesn't finish, he or she will need
    to do so at home. 
             The only additional assignment to be completed   
              at home, is daily reading in a student selected 
              book. The book must be at the student's level.
              If the book is too difficult or too easy, your  
              student will be asked to select a new book.
                  Students are expected to participate in P.E.
             everyday.  If there is a medical reason for not
             being able to join in the activities, students must
             have a parent or doctor's note.  A student who
             refuses to participate, will lose points off their P.E. 
             grade.  P.E. is graded on participation, effort, and
             attitude.  It is the student's responsibility to wear
             appropriate footwear for all P.E. activities. 
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