• Levels of Popular Series:

    Biscuit- range in level from F-M (mid 1st-3rd grade level)

    Little Critter- range from G-K (mid 1st-mid 2nd)

    Berenstein Bears- range from G-O (Mid 1st- 3rd grade level)

    Pete the Cat- range from F-M (mid 1st-low 3rd grade level)

    Fly Guy- range from H-J (late 1st- low 2nd)

    Curious George- range from J-L (late 1st- mid 2nd grade level)

    Henry and Mudge- range from I-L (high 1st-low 3rd grade level)

    Frog and Toad- range from J-O (high 1st- 3rd grade level)

    Arthur- range from K-M (low 2nd- 3rd grade level)

    Judy Moody- range from L-M (mid 2nd- 3rd grade level)

    Junie B Jones- range from L-M (mid 2nd- 3rd grade level)

    Magic Tree House- ranges in levels from K-P (2nd – 4th grade level

    Cam Jansen- range from L-T (2nd- late 4th grade level)

    Rainbow Magic- range from L-P (high 2nd-4th grade level)

    Bailey School Kids- ranges in levels from L-Q (high 2nd-5th grade level)

    American Girl- range from L-Q (3rd-4th grade level)

    Captain Underpants- range in level from O-T (high third- 5th grade level)

    Little House- range from P-S (high 3rd- 5th grade level)

    Magic School Bus- range from P-S (high 3rd- 5th grade level)

    Goosebumps- range in levels from M-T (high 3rd- 7th grade level)

    Harry Potter Series- range in level from V-Z (high 5th- 8th grade level)



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    {compiled by K. Ortiz, SC LAS, 2017}

Last Modified on August 24, 2017