Week 1

    APR. 9

    8th: Work on your Historic Fact Book (HFB)

    7th: none


     APR. 10

    8th: HFB 

    7th: vocab map 3 due wednesday 

     APR. 11

    8th: HFB 

    7th: Six Achieve articles by April 30

     APR. 12

    8th: HFB props too!

    7th: vocab map due wednesday

    crossword due tommarrow 

    submit character chart 

     APR. 13 

    8th: HFB: props too!

    7th: NRI commas with clauses and phrases

    submit character chart (from note book)

    Week 2

    APR. 16

    8th: HBF: props too!

    7th: NRI: Commas with Clauses and Phrases

     APR. 17

    8th: HFB: props too!

    7th: Symbolism wks due tomorrow 

    NRI commas and clauses


     APR. 18

    8th: HFB: props too!

    7th: NRI: commas with clause and phrases

    symbolism wks due tomorrow 


     APR. 19

    8th: HFB due tomorrow even if already presented.

    7th: No Homework


    APR. 20

    8th: 7 Achieve articles due by Apr. 30

    7th: Start vocab map #4

    Finish summary for Ch 5

    Week 3

    APR. 23

    8th: Work on foldable for chapter 8

    7th: Submit your vocab map to Google Clssroom

    APR. 24

    8th: Front of the foldable is due tomorrow

    7th: 4-Square summary for Ch 6

    APR. 25

    8th: Foldable  

    7th: no homework 

    Week 4

     APR. 30

    8th: Achieve 3000 7 articles

    7th: NRI commas with clauses and phases

    achieve 3000

    vocab map

    Week 5



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