Week 1

    OCT 2

    8th: Achieve 3000

    childrens story ideas

    7th: Achieve 3000 

    childrens story ideas 

     OCT 3

    8th: Achieve 3000

    Amplify finish all L-4

    7th: Amplify tab 5 L-6


     OCT 4

    8th: Achieve 3000

    Amplify finish all L-4

    Scary story ideas

    7th: Amplify tab 6 L-7


    OCT 5

    8th: Begin rough draft for Scary Story 

    7th: Begin rough draft for Scary Story

    OCT 6

    8th: Journal entries (5 each) about voyage and life as a colonist or native: due Tues 10/10

    7th: Scary Story rough draft due Tues 10/10

    Week 2

    OCT 9

    8th: Journal Entries due tomorrow; History Partner Popplet due Wed, R. draft of Scary Children's story

    7th: Rough draft of Scary story due tomorrow

     OCT 10

    8th: Achieve 3000

    History popplet

    Scary story

    7th: Rough draft childrens story

     OCT 11

    8th: Amplify tab 2

    History popplet

    Scary story

    7th: Common nouns NRI 

    Tab 2

      OCT 12

    8th: NRI common nouns

    History popplet uploud to google classroom by friday

    7th: Amplify L-9 tab 6

     OCT 13
    8th: Amplify L-5 tabs 4,6,7
    Achieve 3000
    Children's story due Oct. 20th
    7th: NRI 
    Childrens story due Oct. 23
    Achieve 3000
    Week 3

    OCT 16

    8th: Children's Story due Friday, Oct 20

    7th: Children's Story due next Monday, Oct 23

     OCT 17
    8th: Chidrens story due friday 
    Johnny Tremain one pager due monday
    7th: Childrens story 
    Achieve 3000
    Week 4

    Week 5



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