Mrs. Kulas 
    1st grade 
    Room 6
    Phone: 619-956-4526
    Office Phone: 619-956-4500
    2019-20 School Year
    Dear Parents,
    I am looking forward to meeting all of you and your precious children.  I have all of the school supplies that your child will need except for headphones.  Students won't get their ipads until the week of Sept. 3rd.   If you would like to donate supplies, you could donate a headphone.  I bought a class set last year, but unfortunately headphones don't seem to last very long and I'm down to 14 of them.  On Wednesday, Aug. 21st, the first day of school, I'll be sending home a Parent Letter that I also have on my website under Parent Letter. See you soon!  
    Mrs. Kulas