• Biomes of the World

    This is a partner project. You and your partner will complete the following tasks as a team. You will also each complete an individual assignment. This project will be done in class only.


    You and your partner will be creating a book about your biome.

    Your book will have 5 pages:

              -Cover page

              -Page 1 – description of your biome

              -Page 2 – Organisms of your biome

              -Page 3 – Map of the world, locating your biome

              -Page 4 & 5 – Letters home


    Your book will be created in Power Point or Google Presentation. A few ground rules:

              __ No background colors

              __ Watch your font size, stay between 12 and 14 point font.


    Use the following checklist as a guide to complete your project.

              Cover Page

                       __ Title (including the name of your biome)

                       __ Team members’ names

                       __ 1 picture representing your biome


              Page 1 Description of your biome

                       __ Title of the slide

                       __ Climate in your biome (seasons, temperature, storms)

                       __ Land forms in your biome (mountains, lakes)

                       __ Where on the planet is your biome found?

                       __ 2 pictures of your biome (not animals, just landscapes)


    Page 2 Organisms of your biome

                       __ Title of the slide

                       __ 6 organisms that live in your biome (animals and plants)

                                 __ pictures of organisms    __ label/name of the organism

                       __ 2 adaptations of animals in your biome (what helps it stay alive)


    Page 3 Map of the World

                       __ A map of the world highlighting where on the planet your biome

                            is found.


              Pages 4 & 5 Letter Home

    Pretend you are visiting your biome. You are seeing all of the wildlife there. You are experiencing the climate of the area. Each team member needs to write a letter home describing their time in their biome. Be sure to include information from each page in your book.


    Helpful Hints:

               -Check in with me often. Make sure you are getting all the information you need to have in your book.


                -Save often. Save a copy of your Power Point in both partner’s folders.


                -Use this sheet as a CHECKLIST. Mark off activities as you complete them.


Last Modified on August 18, 2017