• Blog #5 Go back to last week's blog. Hit "Reply" and comment on someone else's post. Make sure to give one piece of positive feedback and one piece of constructive feedback. Use specific examples 7+

    Posted by Lori Meaux at 10/9/2017
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  • Blog #4 Describe a setting in the book you are reading. Use descriptive details so that I have a clear picture in my mind. Include the title of your book. Your response must be 7 or more lines.

    Posted by Lori Meaux at 10/2/2017
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  • It's blog #3 for Tri 1!! How did the reading that you did this week make you feel? Why did it make you feel that way? Do you have any questions after this week's reading? If so, what are they? Your response should be 7+lines

    Posted by Lori Meaux at 9/26/2017
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  • Blog #2 Choose a character from your independent reading book. Give a brief description of your character and then tell me what kind of friendship you would have with them if you met them. What would you do together? How would you interact? 7+ lines

    Posted by Lori Meaux at 9/18/2017
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  • Tri 1 Blog 1 It's the first blog of the year!! Please tell me the title of your book and the basic situation. Include the main characters, the primary setting, and the conflict in the book. Your response should be 5-7 sentences long.

    Posted by Lori Meaux at 9/11/2017
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  • Tri 3 Blog 5 How are you progressing on your Tri 3 Independent Reading? What book are you reading? What type of book (genre)? Do you recommend your book to other students to read? What do you think others would like about your book? (5-7 sentences)

    Posted by Lori Meaux at 4/24/2017
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  • Spring Break Extra Credit Blog: Tell me about your amazing Spring Break! I want details, details, details!! I want to picture your adventures in my head. At least 7 lines

    Posted by Lori Meaux at 4/12/2017
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  • Tri 3 Blog 4 Pick a character in your book and plop them into Medieval Times. What role do you think they would have in society? Write about them. 7+ lines

    Posted by Lori Meaux at 3/28/2017
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  • Tri 3 Blog #3 Pick 2 vocabulary words from "Demystifying the Adolescent Brain" and write a taunt and a response to the taunt between two characters from your Ind reading book.

    Posted by Lori Meaux at 3/22/2017
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  • Tri 3 Blog #2 Find Foreshadowing!! You read something that hints at what will come later. Quote the text and then explain why you thought it was foreshadowing and then make a prediction!

    Posted by Lori Meaux at 3/13/2017
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