Involved Parents = Student Success

    What can you do to help? 

    • Model the importance of education
    • Check the homework calendar each night
    • Have your child show you their completed work
    • Check the website frequently for updates
    • Practice multiplication facts daily for speed and accuracy (7x6, 5x9, 7x8, etc.)
    • Talk to your child about what they are learning    
    • Ask questions   
    • Give assistance, but don't do the work for them   
    • Emphasize hard work, respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness
    • Look over the papers in the Friday folder and discuss them with your child 
    • Talk or email the teacher with questions or concerns
    • Get involved at school - PTA, Carnival, Art Docent, room parent, etc.
    What supplies does your child need?
    Click  here  to find out.  NO pencil boxes needed for class   We can always use gift cards for Target, Office Depot, Costco, Dollar Tree, Barnes & Noble or "PUB BUCKS" for copies at the district office, 

    How can parents help with homework? 
    Click here for some ideas