• Charges for Damages are as Follows:


    Type of Damage               Textbooks                                                  Library Materials


    Barcode Damage/Removal                   2.00                                                                          2.00


    Missing or Torn Pages                            2.00 per page(6 pages max)           2.00 per page(6 pages max)


    Light Liquid/Food /No Mold                    5.00                                                                           5.00


    Severe Liquid Damage/Mold           Replacement cost of Book                        Replacement cost of Book


    Graffiti, still usable                               5.00                                                                            5.00


    Torn Cover-Usable                              5.00                                                                             5.00


    Unusable due to damage              Replacement cost of Book                           Replacement cost of Book


    Fines for all other miscellaneous damage will be determined by the school site instructional Media Technician (IMT).


    Each school site will honor fine notices in cumulative files when a student transfers from another school within the District.


Last Modified on May 31, 2012