• Ms. Lampe’s Supply

                                   Wish List for 5th Graders



    These supplies need to be available at home and at school to complete homework, class work, and other special projects.  All items need to fit in a pencil pouch and one pencil box.


    • #2 pencils (small pack)
    • small pencil sharpener with cover
    • notebook (for paper and homework)
    • lined white paper (reinforced college ruled)
    • colored pencils
    • erasers (pencil top and regular)
    • crayons
    • ruler
    • pencil pouch
    • pencil box
    • highlighters (two)
    • one three-hole folders (to insert in notebook)
    • dry erase markers (small package)
    • markers (small set)
    • clipboard (flat clip at top for easy storage in desk)
    • spell checker (optional though quite handy)



    DONATIONS are greatly appreciated!!  The following items are needed regularly in the classroom:

    • Black dry erase markers
    • White copy paper
    • College ruled paper (reinforced)
    • #2 pencils
    • Kleenex boxes
    • spiral notebooks (college ruled)



Last Modified on August 27, 2016