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    Seventh Grade History

    Seventh Grade PE


    Mr. Roach Room 201



    Pepper Drive/ Staff Websites/ Roach



    Classwork, Quizzes and Tests, Projects

    Academic Grade


    Homework, Completion of assignments

    Effort Grade


    Behavior, adherence to class rules

    Citizenship Grade





    Grade Seven – World History and Geography: Medieval and Early Modern Times


    The medieval and early modern periods provide students with opportunities to study the rise and fall of empires, the diffusion of religions and languages, and significant movements of people, ideas, and products. Over this period, the regions of the world became more and more interconnected. Although societies were quite distinct from each other, there were more exchanges of people, products, and ideas in every century.


    Behavior Plan

    We have a FIVE STEP discipline plan that is used throughout the Middle School. Please see the step card for more details.

    • Step 1 Warning
    • Step 2 Conference with Teacher, parent signature
    • Step 3 Office visit, Phone Call Home
    • Step 4 Office visit, Phone Call Home, L.O.P.
    • Step 5 Student conference with parent/ teacher/ administrator; admin intervention

    I fully expect every student to be able to maintain and adhere to this basic plan. If there is a question, or for further explanation, please see the Middle School handbook.


    Keeping Track


    All students will have an app on their iPads in which they will write their assignments and daily activities. They will be required to use this and it would be a benefit to check this on a regular basis. Ask to see their calendar and make certain that they are filling it in completely each day. I have their work posted in the same place each day when the students come into class.


    What About Absences


    Students are responsible for obtaining their missed assignments. My assignments will also be posted on our classroom website, or on Google Classroom. Of course, upon their return they can ask about missed work. Students have the number of days they were absent to return the make-up work. (i.e. 1 day absent-1 day to make-up, 2days absent- 2 days to make-up, etc.)


    Citizenship Rubric

     Effort Rubric

    Middle School Handbook 

    Pepper Drive Middle School Handbook

    We are C.O.R.E.-Challenging Ourselves to Reach for Excellence!

    Pepper Drive School strives to challenge ourselves to think with depth, move with

    purpose, and create with imagination as we reach for excellence on our journey

    toward a college and career-bound future.

    1935 Marlinda Way El Cajon, CA 92021

    Main Office: (619) 956-5100 Fax: (619) 956-5114

    24-Hour “Parent Link” Attendance Line: (619) 258-2205

    Web Address: www.santeesd.net/pd

    School hours:

    8:30 am to 2:46 pm (4-8)

    8:30 am to 1:05pm (Minimum Day)

    Students should NOT arrive earlier than 8:00 am or remain on campus later than 3:00 pm unless they are

    participating in a supervised school activity.

    Principal: Mr. Hooks Vice Principal: Ms. Locke




    This handbook contains information and procedures specific to Pepper Drive Middle School. Additional

    information about the items below can be found in the K-8 handbook, available in the school office or on

    the school webpage.


    Tori Bryant tori.bryant@santeesd.net

    Mary Hayward mary.hayward@santeesd.net

    Barb Knoll barb.knoll@santeesd.net

    Jill Wray jill.wray@santeesd.net

    Sarah Mowrey sarah.mowrey@santeesd.net

    Colette Kittrelle colette.kittrelle@santeesd.net

    Michael Roach michael.roach@santeesd.net

    Katrina Sparley katrina.sparley@santeesd.net

    Amanda Kelso amanda.kelso@santeesd.net


    Ted Hooks Principal 619-956-5100 ted.hooks@santeesd.net

    Summer Locke Vice Principal 619-956-5100 summer.locke@santeesd.net

    Chasity Forster Dean of Students 619-956-5100 chasity.forster@santeesd.net

    Julia Hauner Secretary 619-956-5100 julia.hauner@santeesd.net

    Tracey Pharoah-Stone Attendance 619-956-5105 tracey.pharoah-stone@santeesd.net

    Dorothy Martin Health Clerk 619-956-5104 dorothy.martin@santeesd.net

    Attendance Line 619-258-2205


    Ø Believe in yourself! The most important tool for success is the belief that you can succeed!

    Ø Seek the help if you find yourself having problems with anything.

    Ø Be prepared with all necessary materials.

    Ø Get involved! Look for someone you can help in school. We are part of a team that is working for success.

    Ø Be responsible in all aspects of your education. Have needed materials, complete all assignments to the

    best of your ability, and participate in class by asking questions and participating in discussions.

    Ø Be at school, on time, every day.


    Each student and family has the opportunity to monitor and check grades online through PowerSchool. As

    assignments are graded, scores are posted to display each child’s individual progress. However, due to the number

    of assignments and students, grades are not typically input daily. Checking grades online regularly is beneficial to

    your child’s educational performance. Weekly checks of PowerSchool can be helpful for any student or family to

    help continuously monitor progress. If a family is ever concerned about a child’s progress over the course of the

    trimester, please contact the teacher to discuss details about the class.

    Directions to Check Grades on PowerSchool:

    1. Go to: Pepper Drive webpage: www.santeesd.net/pd

    2. Go to: Parent Resources tab

    3. Select PowerSchool

    4. Input the ID and Password (note: Parent ID and Password can be personalized, and parents can set up an

    account so that PowerSchool will email a student’s grade regularly).

    5. When the course grades appear, you can hover the mouse over a grade and click. This will give you a

    listing of assignments and accompanying scores.

    6. “T” refers to academic grades (test, homework, etc.), “E” refers to effort, and “C” refers to citizenship.



    Homework is assigned to reinforce concepts, skills, and lessons taught during the day and/or to complete unfinished

    classwork. Middle School students will have between 60-80 minutes of homework each night.

    Ø Students are responsible for completely and accurately recording their homework for each class in their

    student planner supplied by the school (grade 6) or in digital calendar (7th/8th grades).

    Ø Homework is due the next class meeting unless otherwise stated. Students are expected to have all

    assignments completed and ready to turn in on the due date.

    Ø Each student is responsible for completing homework and class assignments missed due to absence in

    accordance to the individual teacher's policy.


    Materials are loaned to students for their use during the school year. Students are responsible for taking care of the

    materials issued to them. Students are required to pay for any materials that are lost or damaged. Once provided,

    students are expected to have all materials needed for success each day (including PE clothes and charged iPad).

    iPad Varies My iPad # ________

    Science book $65.00 My book #________ Social Studies book $60.00 My book #________

    Replacement Planner $5.00


    Students will receive six formal reports on their grades during the year. Progress reports, a report of your child's

    mid-term progress, will be available for viewing online in September, January, and April. Report cards will be sent

    home in November, March, and June. Report cards are a permanent record of your child's achievement and are

    placed in your child’s cum folder. 24/7 access to grades is available on PowerSchool.


    A teacher must have the freedom to teach without interruptions, and fellow students have the right to learn without

    disturbances. Therefore, students will be held to the following expectations:

    1) Student behaviors will not disrupt the teaching/learning process.

    Ø Students will follow all established classroom rules and procedures.

    Ø Students will engage with instruction and stay on task at all times.

    Ø Students will follow all established procedures inside and outside the PE locker room.

    Ø Students will be respectful of the learning environment.

    Ø Students will refrain from bullying, intimidating, or threatening behaviors.

    Ø Food and beverages are prohibited in the classroom unless for a specific activity approved by the teacher.

    Gum is NOT allowed on campus.

    Ø Unauthorized electronic devices must be turned off and remain in students’ backpacks.

    2) Students will be courteous and respectful to their peers and adults on campus.

    Ø All interactions between students and staff will remain positive and respectful.

    Ø Students will keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves.

    Ø Students will not go into others' backpacks or P.E. lockers.

    Ø Students will not enter a teacher's area without permission.

    Ø Students will refrain from public displays of affection.

    Ø Students will keep the campus litter free.

    Ø Students will follow the dress code.

    Ø Students will not cause another student to feel uncomfortable and/or unsafe on school campus through

    teasing, spreading of rumors, intimidation, etc.

    3) Students will come to class prepared to learn.

    Ø Students are expected to have all assignments completed and ready to turn in on the due date.

    Ø Students are expected to have their PE clothes for class every day.

    Ø Students will have all necessary materials needed for success including charged iPad.

    § NO sharpies or permanent markers in possession of students on campus.



    If a student should choose to disregard the Pepper Drive Middle School rules, the following procedure will take


    Step 1 Verbal Warning

    Step 2 Student conference with teacher, parent signature

    Step 3 Office visit, phone call home

    Step 4 Office visit, phone call home, administrative intervention

    Step 5 Student conference with parent/teacher/administrator, admin intervention

    Severe disruptions will automatically be referred to the office.

    All disciplinary actions requiring a step will be recorded on a student’s step card which is to be in the student’s

    binder at all times. New step cards will be given at the beginning of each trimester. Lost Step Cards will be

    replaced and referred for administrative intervention. Any step that was assigned during or after the report of

    the lost card will stand and be recorded onto the replaced step card.

    As necessary, administrative interventions may include parent/teacher conferences, loss of privilege (LOP), loss of

    personal time, behavior contracts, etc...


    Student use, possession, distribution, sale, or being under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs, controlled

    substances, “look-alike” drugs, steroids, or possessing drug paraphernalia on any school premise or at any school

    function (home or away) is strictly prohibited. Minimum penalty for violation of this policy will be suspension from

    school and a referral to an administrative review hearing; however, violation of this policy could result in permanent

    expulsion from school. Law enforcement officials may be contacted upon initial investigation and verification of

    the violation.


    All 8th grade students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of a 2.0 in academics, citizenship,

    and effort in order to have the privilege of participating in the promotion activities at the end of the school year.

    Furthermore, students may not have more than two out-of-school suspensions to attend the excursion activity.

    ACTIVITY DAY ELIGIBILITY (approximately every six weeks)

    All middle school students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in academics, citizenship, and

    effort in order to have the privilege of attending planned middle school activities. Students receiving an office

    referral or administrative intervention from a step card may be ineligible. Students who have received in-school or

    out-of-school suspension will be ineligible (Loss of Privilege) for the next middle school activity.

    Activities may include dances, organized sporting competitions, field trips, and more. Some activities may include a

    small cost, but students will not be restricted on attending due to an inability to pay.


    Students who achieve a 3.5 GPA (or higher) in academics will be recognized as Honor Roll Students. Students

    achieving Honor Roll will be honored at the end of each trimester.


    Visitors often form a lasting impression of our school and community by our behavior with guest teachers and at

    assemblies, therefore middle school students are expected to behave courteously. Students should give full attention

    and respect to guests and show appreciation appropriately. For example, clapping at the end of performances and

    full cooperation with requests made by guest teachers. Students unable to comply with this expectation will be

    directly referred to administration for consequences. Any student referred to the office by a guest teacher, or a

    regular teacher based on a guest teacher’s experience, may receive in-school suspension at the discretion of



    The following regulations have been established as guidelines to reflect district practice in promoting student health

    and reducing childhood obesity:

    Rewards, celebrations, or school sponsored activities that include federally regulated non-compliant food

    will be limited to once per month. Celebrations will only be planned after lunch.

    Snacks served during the school day and in after school care or enrichment programs shall meet or exceed

    the guidelines listed in the Santee School District Wellness Policy. The school day is defined as midnight


    before school begins to one half hour after school ends. Please visit the Santee School District’s Child

    Nutrition website for the full Student Wellness policy.

    All students in grades 1 – 8, including students with disabilities, special health-care needs, and in

    alternative educational settings, will participate in moderate to vigorous physical education for a minimum

    of 200 minutes every 10 days (Education Code Section 51210) for the entire school year.


    The following district guidelines shall apply to all regular school activities: (AR 5132)

    1. For safety purposes, appropriate shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals must have heel straps. Flipflops

    or backless shoes or sandals are not acceptable. Heels must be of a reasonable height and not be

    unsafe in the school environment.

    2. Clothing, jewelry and personal items (backpacks, fanny packs, gym bags, water bottles etc.) shall be free

    of writing, pictures or any other insignia which are crude, vulgar, profane or sexually suggestive, which

    bear drug, alcohol or tobacco company advertising, promotions and likenesses, or which advocate death,

    violence, racial, ethnic or religious prejudice.

    3. Hats, caps, and other head coverings shall not be worn indoors. (Religious exceptions apply.)

    4. Clothes shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times. See-through or fish-net fabrics, halter

    tops, spaghetti straps, off-the-shoulder, low-cut tops, strapless or tube tops, backless shirts, bare midriffs

    and skirts or shorts shorter than mid-thigh are prohibited. Pants must not be worn to expose

    undergarments or bare skin above the waist.

    5. PE shorts may not be worn in classes other than physical education unless directed by PE teacher

    6. Hair shall be clean and neatly groomed and the color may not cause a distraction to the educational

    environment. Hair may not be sprayed by any coloring that would drip when wet.

    7. Spiked jewelry and waist chains are prohibited

    8. Students must be cleanly dressed so as not to promote unhealthy or unsanitary conditions.

    9. Bandanas and sweatbands shall not be worn unless prior approval is granted by a site administrator.

    10. Overalls are considered pants and must have an appropriate shirt worn underneath.

    11. Muscle shirts, tank shirts, or underwear shirts are prohibited may not be worn. Clothing that is suggestive

    or revealing will not be allowed.

    12. Facial piercing shall be limited to the ears only. Any other piercing must be plugged with a skin tone

    plug (no color).

    13. Clothing that is considered nightwear (pajamas and slippers) may not be worn, with the exception of a

    designated day by the school.

    Students are allowed to wear sun-protective clothing, including but not limited to hats, for outdoor use during the

    school day as long as these articles comply with the requirements in the district administrative regulations.

    Please keep these guidelines in mind when buying clothing for children. Students who come to school in

    inappropriate dress will receive a step. Student will call home to have appropriate clothes brought to school from

    home or be given a school appropriate garment to wear for the remainder of the day. All Santee School District dress

    code requirements apply to Pepper Drive students.

    Dear Parent/Guardian and Student,

    We have read the Pepper Drive Middle School Handbook together, and we clearly understand the rules and

    expectations as stated in this handbook. As a parent/guardian, I will ensure that my child will do his/her best

    to adhere to these rules and expectations throughout the school year. Likewise, as a student, I will adhere to

    these rules and expectations throughout the school year.

    Student Name: (print)________________________________ Student Signature: ________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ________________________