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    Don’t Bully Me Advice for Children!


    This information is for you. It is about bullying. Bullying is when someone makes you unhappy by being hurtful or harassing you on purpose.


    If you are being bullied or know someone who is don’t be afraid to tell your teacher or your mom or dad. Don’t keep it a secret because the bullying won’t stop until you tell. Remember that no one has the right to bully you.


    Maybe you have bullied someone and you didn’t mean to or would like to change. Well, you can stop hurting others. 


    What is Bullying?

    • When someone thinks it’s fun to make you sad or angry
    • If they won’t stop when you say “I’ve had enough”
    • If they often say unkind things about you
    • If they take your friends away and leave you alone
    • If they kick you or punch you, or hurt you on purpose


    Why do bullies do it?

    • Bullies may be jealous of you
    • They may feel bad inside and want you to feel bad as well
    • They may be scared nobody likes them
    • They may bully people so no one will bully them
    • They may be bullied at home and think it is OK to bully you
    • They may think they are being clever or funny
    • They like the attention from the bystanders


    Why do they bully me?

    Bullies bully because they have a problem. They need a victim, it isn’t your fault!

    Bullies say that they like to pick on people who:

    • Are quiet and gentle and won’t tell
    • Look worried and scared
    • Might blush and go red or cry
    • Are good a doing school work, or not good at doing school work
    • Are popular or unpopular
    • Bullies say things and call you names to make you feel bad, even if none of what they say is true







    What should I do?

    Stand up straight

    Look the bully in the eyes

    Walk away without saying a word

    • This might make the bully stop because he or she is bored when you don’t react.

    If the bully continues to bother you:

                Take a deep breath, and say “No!” very loudly

    Practice each day by standing in front of a mirror, look at your eyes and make your eyes look stern, and say “No”! really loud.

    Now practice things you could say to the bully:

    • “Go away!”
    • “Leave me alone!”
    • “Don’t bully me!”

    Bullies don’t like other people to know what they are doing! So tell an adult.

    If you see someone bullying someone else, TELL! If you don’t you are their audience.


    What if I bully someone?

    Think Hard!

    • Nobly really wants to be friends with a bully
    • People are nice to bullies because they are scared of them, NOT because they like them
    • Think how sad the person you have bullied is feeling
    • Think how nice it is to have friends who really like you
    • Tell your teacher, your mom or dad that you want to stop being a bully and ask for their help


    How can I make good friends?

    Don’t play with people who hurt others or make them sad

    Choose friends who are kind, who share, and who listen to you

    Be kind, share and listen to your friends

    If your friends are sad, look after them and try to help them

    If you know someone is being bullied, get help, tell an adult


    Feeling Good

    If you are kind

    If you listen to other people

    If you try to make people laugh, not cry


    You’ll be a good friend

    People will like you

    You will feel good

    You will feel proud of yourself!

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Last Modified on October 5, 2012