• SCHOOL SUPPLY  Supply List
    Dear Parents of Mrs. Keehan's 4-5-6 combo Students,
         We know that your children enjoy bringing in their very own school supplies. To take advantage of the Back to School sales and send your child well stocked, below is a suggested list of items your child will need each day throughout the school year. We are hoping to avoid having you purchase any unnecessary items, which will ultimately be sent home.

     ***A one inch, white, empty, 3-ring binder (size important for storage, those with a clear vinyl pocket on the front cover are best, available at Office Depot or Walmart) No Trapper Keepers or over sized notebooks please.
    • Dividers for each subject
    • Notebook paper to go inside the folder
    • 2 spiral notebook..wide ruled is recommended
    • sharpened #2 pencils
    • colored pens for correcting...NO RED PENS PLEASE..and NO SHARPIES OR PERMANENT MARKERS
    • erasers
    • box of crayons (Please, no bigger than 24 crayons)
    • pencil box or Pencil bag to go inside of folder/desk
    • a package of plastic sheet protectors
    • 2 plain pocket folders (no inside fasteners)
    • glue sticks..no liquid glue please
    • child-sized scissors