• Classroom Discipline

     We Choose Our " Bee-havior "
     I believe in Assertive Discipline.  Children need to have clear expectations and consequences that are consistently enforced.  Rewards and Punishments should follow as natural consequences.  One of my roles as a teacher is to model the respectful disciplined behavior that I am expecting from my students.  Together, we will strive to create an environment that feels safe and productive.  I will try to instill the intrinsic value of "A job well done! " Our classroom will be a place of fun and learning.  I have whole group, small group, and individual incentives.  Each week we have a class auction.
     I will be using the Rio Seco 5 Step Discipline Plan
     * Step 1 : verbal warning
     *Step 2 : lose recess/teacher's choice
    *Step 3 : parent contact and/or vice principal
    *Step 4 : Office visit
    *Step 5 In school / or home suspension
    *Agressive behaviors will lead to a removal from class and administrative action.
    Each day in room 10 is a brand new day to start off fresh.
     We will also be implementing the school wide T.E.A.M. 5 - STEP CARD Plan.  On the 5 - STEP plan, each infraction accummulates for the week. 5 infractions leads to STEP 5 - in school/out of school suspension.
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Last Modified on September 6, 2017