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    On the Web: Carlton Oaks Login Address: https://play.dreambox.com/login/yegx/carltono 
    From an iPad: Search DreamBox Math in the App store. Download the app.
    School Code: yegx/carltono
    Students will use this four step method to help them solve a word problem. They need to be able to conceptualize the problem before solving it, this way they know exactly what is being asked of them, and they have formed a plan on how to solve the problem.
    Sample word problem done in class: Cam wanted to ride three rides at the fair. The Ferris Wheel, the log ride, and the roller coaster. The wheel costs 5 tickets, the coaster costs 7 tickets, and the log ride costs 1 ticket. Cam has 3 tickets, how many more tickets does she need to ride all of the rides?
    math word problem