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    These are suggested activities that you may do at home to help you learn your weekly spelling words.  You do not need to turn them in.  Have fun J


    1.   ABC Order-Write all words in ABC order.

    2.  Practice Test-Have an adult say your words to you and try towrite them correctly.  Be sure to fix andpractice any that you get wrong.

    3.  Rainbow Write-Write your words in pencil first and then use atleast 3 different colors to trace over each word.

    4.  Pyramid Write-Write the first letter of your word on the firstline, then the first two letters of the word on the next line.  Continue doing this until you have spelledthe word.               Example:                                                                      c



    5.  Red Vowels/Blue Consonants-Write your words with pencil and thentrace the vowels in red and the consonants in blue.

    6.  Typed Words-Type your words on the computer (byyourself).  Try out some different fontsto make it more fun, and be sure to print it to show me J

    7.  Word Search-Make a word search puzzle with your words ongraph paper or use a word search program and print it out.

    8.  Rhymes Writing-Write your spelling words and next to each, writea rhyming word.  Please make sure thatthe rhyming word is spelled correctly, too.  Underline the spelling word.            Example: sink---pink

    9.  Glue It Writing-Find your spelling words in magazines, newspapers,advertisements, etc. and cut them out. You can also cut out individual letters from these same sources andbuild your words.  Glue onto paper.

    10.Code Writing- Write your spelling wordsusing a code.  Example: 1=a, 2=b,

        3=c,4=d. 5=e    (bed = 2,5,4)



    11.Text Message Spelling- Write yourspelling words and the numbers you would  

        press ona cell phone if you were to text your words. 

        Example:bed = 2, 3, 3

    12.Challenge List-Make a harder list thatuses the same spelling rule that we 

        areworking on for the week.  Make sure that youhave spelled all of your new

        challengewords correctly.  

       13.Tongue Twisters-Use your words intongue twister sentences.  You can make

            A sentence for each word or use severalof your words in the same sentence.

            Underline your spelling words.  Example: The mad man made a map.

            Illustrate your sentences if you wouldlike.

      14. Money Spelling-Write your spellingwords and then figure out how much each

           word is worth.  Vowels are 25 cents and consonants are 10cents (or you can

           make a chart with your own values foreach letter).

           Example: play=10+10+25+10=55 cents

      15. Spelling Story-Write a story usingall of your spelling words.  Illustrateyour

           story if you would like.

      16. Spelling Facts- Use your words towrite sentences that are facts.  You may

           use more than one word in each sentence.  Underline your spelling words.

           Example: A cat can fit ina trash can.

      17. Spelling Opinions- Use your wordsto write sentences that are opinions. You

           may use more than one word in eachsentence.  Underline your spelling words.

           Example: I think it is fun to runin the hot sun.

      18. Comic Strip Spelling-Create acomic strip using captions that use all of your


      19. Concentration Spelling Game- Make2 copies of your words on index cards and

           play a memory or “Concentration” gamewith a family member.  Turn in your

           cards with your homework on Friday.

     20. Spelling Picture- Draw a simplepicture or line design such as a heart, butter-

            fly, star, etc.  Use your spelling words to outline thepicture.

     21. Free Choice- Make up your ownspelling activity.  You can be ascreative as you

          want, as long as you are practicing yourwords.  Please turn it in on Friday

          with your other spelling activities.