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    Jolie's Joys Rules:
    I will be safe.
    I will be friendly.
    I will be a good listener.
    I will be a good worker.
    I will choose to do what is good for EVERYONE.

    7:45                     DOL
    8:00--8:40            Writing Workshop

    8:40-9:15            LA instruction (minilessons)

    9:15-9:30            RECESS

    9:30-10:50          Daily 4 Rotations (reading/writing)          

    10:50-11:30        LUNCH      

    11:30-12:40        Math

    12:40-1:00          PE (T/Th is Jog/Walk)

    12:45-1:25          Science/Social Studies/misc

    1:25-1:35            read aloud, behavior review, dismissal

    (Fridays: Art, Problem Solving, tech buddies at 8:00
    Tuesdays: Library 7:50)

    Important Days in room 9

    Homework Folders Go Home Friday
    Homework & Library Books Due on Tuesday
    Library Day-Tuesday
    Tech Buddies- Friday


     Congratulations to our Fabulous Falcons for September: Brennen, Bradley, Malk, Mackenzie
    Happy October birthday!
     Brinlee, Brilee, Peyton, Addison
    Please remember...if you'd like to bring something for your child to share with the class, foods must be ONLY healthy. BETTER YET.... Stickers or pencils (etc) would be a great way to celebrate your child's birthday at school! Thanks!