• First Grade
    Reading Intervention-Mrs. Kelly
    Trimester  1
    Short Vowels  in CVC pattern words  e.g.  ran, sit, pot, tub
    Double consonant word endings  e.g. egg, less, will pass
    Consonant blends; ck, th, sh,
    Two syllable words with short vowels e.g. suntan, muffin, eggnog, upset, hectic, tonsil

    Irregular High Frequency Words
    This are very  common words that do not follow the rules.

    People                my                 a                              she
    the                they                              school                        have
     water                look                              you                 where
    are                children                       to                               her
    Little                and                 he                               no
    see                go                 on                 we
    was                with

    Reading  Log
    Please remember to read with your child every night and put their book and signed Reading Log in their backpack and return it to school.
Last Modified on October 11, 2013