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Mrs. Patricia Noujaim

1-08-2018    Good afternoon and Happy New Year Home School Families!
A few important reminders to follow:
1. Welcome back to week 6!
2. YouTube using the iPad: Google has changed viewing settings. Parents do continue supervising if your student does go onto YouTube. If you see any objectionable videos, email me quickly. I will take the next necessary steps needed to block inappropriate videos.
3. Flu and Illness. We wish to discourage sick children from attending any classes at our school. We have already received calls about sick children who will not be attending writing classes this week. We will happily get the writing packets to you via Edmodo or email. We appreciate you helping keep others healthy.
4. Math Tutoring for all grades is by appointment. Please call to schedule 30 minutes or more with Ms. Peters at or by phone 619-956-2491.
5. Math Class: Tuesdays: 10:30-11:30 Grade 6 only.
6. Writing Class: Wednesday 9-9:45 Gr. 1-2
7. Art Class: Wednesday 10-11 Gr. Kinder- gr. 2
8. Writing Class: Gr. 3-5 (No Classes) Call to attend individual writing instruction with Ms. Peters or by phone 619-956-2491.
9. Writing Class: Gr 6-8: Thursday, Jan. 11 9:30-10-30
10. Art Class: Gr. 3-8Thursday, Jan. 11, 10:30-11:30.
11. January 15th: School Holiday, Martin Luther King Day
12. Sea World Field Trip!! January 29th, Monday. $6.25 per adult or child. Money due by Jan. 24th.

Have a wonderful day!  (this information is also on our website.
Thank you,

The Alternative School Staff!



Good morning Home School Families, Welcome to busy week 7. Please plan to come to our office tomorrow, Wednesday, as the writing class instruction is very important to prepare for the District Performance Task Writing Assessment. In addition, there are many items in student’s cubbies: (November Newsletter calendar, Oct. Book orders, SBAC Interim Schedule and Instructions, work sample check off list, Book It Pizza Certificate, an October treat and a surprise book! Parents must sign Yellow Federal Cards with us tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow! To follow are reminders:

  1. Week 6 work samples are due by Wednesday, before 2:30 tomorrow
  2. Picture Day, 8-10a.m. at Cajon Park Multipurpose Room (MPR)
  3. Yellow Federal Survey Cards need to be signed tomorrow at school. Parents must sign one for each child.
  4. Tomorrow…Wednesday Oct. 4, 2017 IMPORTANT Writing Class to attend! Writing Class 9-9:45    Gr. 1-2,    Art Class Gr. Kinder- gr. 2 9:45-10-30 Writing Class 10-10:45 *Gr 3-6 Writing Class 11-12       Gr. 7-8
  5. Zoo Field Trip, Behind the Scene. Sign up today!
  6. Classics 4 Kids Field Trip: Payment of $7 due by Oct. 16th
  7. School Site Council Meeting 9-9:45 (Library)
    Have a wonderful day!!
    The Santee Alternative Staff

Good afternoon families! Just a few reminders:
1. Monday is a holiday! Happy Labor Day!
2. Week 2 work will be due Tues and Wednesday. If needed, call to schedule a conference or returning families, have samples in our office by 2p.m. Wednesday next week.
3. YMCA Field Trip: Waiver and money ($5 per swimmer) must be in by noon Wednesday 9/6.
4.  Writing Classes: Check your calendar for time on Wednesday. Parents are encouraged to attend!
5.  Art Classes! Check your calendars. We have 2 new art teachers! Welcome Mrs Peters gr. 3-8 and Mrs. Velic gr. k-2.
6. Digital Citizenship Packets are due ASAP. We will be receiving iPads next week! Remember to bring the SIGNED Student Packet and the Passport.
Happy 3 day weekend! Stay safe and stay cool!
Your Alternative Staff,
Mrs. Noujaim, Ms. Peters, and Mrs. Whitacre

August 24th, 2017
Good morning! Digital Citizenship Packets are here for pick-up. Call or email the time today to come. If we do not hear from you, all Packets will be mailed by 2:30 today. All jr high math students who came to class have their Packets. Click this link: or go to our Santee Alternative School website, Click iPad Parent and Student  Information and the entire packet is online, including quizzes for the videos. Follow the simple directions for "parents", "Gr. k-5", and "Gr. 6-8". Have fun learning about iPad care and about safety and respect online. Call us or email us if you are coming today to get your packet.
Thank you!
Alternative Staff

2017-2018  “All Call” message:

August 11th, 2017
Good afternoon Alternative Home School families. This is Patricia Noujaim speaking. I hope you had an amazing summer. I look forward to hearing all about your summer adventures and about any fun summer reading or classes you attended. (Remember to check our link to our website of ”All Call”  information labeled “ All Call Messages”). We will also email all “All Call” messages to your email addresses. If you do not receive an email, please call our office as we will need to add your email address to our student system.

I am happy to announce that Ms. Denise Peters is returning to be on our staff. We are thrilled to have her back on our team! Mr. Bonner Montler at the Educational Resource Center is Director of Assessments and Learning Support in addition to our administrator again.  We are also thrilled to welcome back Mrs. Kim Whitacre! Mrs. Whitacre felt like part of our school family from the very beginning. Her expertise and organization has been such a welcome to our school.

Our staff and I are diligently preparing for an exciting school year. Santee School District’s first day of school officially is Monday, August 21st, 2017.  Most families need time before the first day of school to receive books and begin lesson plan preparation.  Alternative School textbook distribution and conferencing has begun. Thank you to all families who have already returned our calls and signed up.

Please call Mrs. Kim Whitacre at 956-2490 to schedule a time to conference. Please call early Monday 8/14. Families with multiple students can choose one day for all children.   At the Home School, once you have your conference to pick up your books, you may begin your academic planning.

**Our Santee School District’s vision is, “To be an innovative leader in education, inspiring students to realize their unique potential”, as stated by our amazing superintendent Mrs. Kristin Baranski.

I look forward to meeting with all of you. This 2017-18 school year will be full of support, learning, and academic growth. Take care and have a wonderful conclusion to summer!

Thank you,

Your Alternative Home School Staff:
Mrs.Patricia Noujaim, Ms. Denise Peters, and Mrs. Kim Whitacre …and welcoming back Mr. Bonner Montler.



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