• Welcome!


    Dear Parents,


         Welcome to the new school year and to Room 6.  My goal as a 1st grade teacher is to consider each child's needs and to improve each child's skills through guided teaching instruction, independent skill reinforcement, cooperative learning group activities, and working closely with parents.


    Parents can help their child by:


    Checking your child's DAILY FOLDER for school communications, notices, and class work. Please take papers out daily. In the mornings, I teach the children to open their folders to check for notes from you, permission slips, etc. They learn to be very responsible with their folders and with the papers that go to and from school.


    Reading to your child or having your child read to you daily.


    Practicing basic math facts with your child daily. We will start with addition facts, and then move on to subtraction facts.


    Contacting me when you have questions or concerns. I am here to help you in a "team effort" to better your child's future. Feel free to call me before or after school at (619) 956-4526. Messages can also be left at this number if I am not available. My email is teresa.kulas@santeesd.net


    Please read the following policies. I have gone over these in class, but I feel it is important for parents to be aware of these expectations.



    1. Listen and follow directions.
    2. Be kind and caring.
    3. Use class time wisely.
    4. Raise your hand to speak.
    5. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
    6. Use appropriate playground behavior.



    1. Compliments
    2. Smiles
    3. Stickers
    4. "Good Job" and “Happy Face” stamps
    5. Table points
    6. Class/Team marbles in a jar (Full jar = Extra recess)




       I always try to redirect and give reminders before a child gets a consequence (for example, a 5 minute missed activity). I also keep in close contact with parents regarding behavior.


         I give reading, spelling, and math homework, but it’s not in worksheet form or packets.


    Spelling: Spelling lists will go home on Mondays. We will practice reading and spelling the words all week in class. Tests will be given on Fridays.  I will modify spelling lists as needed. You can give a practice test to your child on Thursday evenings.


    Math: My primary math homework focus is for parents to help their children learn addition and subtraction facts. I also would like students to work on Dreambox (15-30 min. Mon. –Thurs.) at home with parental help.


    Reading: I know you, the wonderful parents of Room 6 and Carlton Oaks, are reading with your children on a regular basis. Keep reading a variety of genres with them. Keep enriching their vocabularies with fantasy, mystery, fables, folktales, non-fiction, science, and any other types of books that interest you and your child.


    I also will be sending home Individualized Reading Group Word Lists and Stories for most students. Keep the Word Lists for weekly review, but please send back the stories. I have blue folders for transporting the stories to and from school.


    We also will be continuing the Reading Racers Program that the kids are familiar with from kindergarten. Kids will learn to read grade level phonics and sight words. Kids will be given ten words to study at a time. I need a volunteer Friday mornings (preferably) for this Program. If you are interested, please let me know.


    Supplies: I’ve already ordered and shopped for supplies to start off our year. Our wonderful PTA will be providing the cool Red Hawk Folders that will be the kids’ Daily Folders.Students will be getting their ipads the week of Sept. 3rd and they will need headphones from home. If you want to donate an extra headphone to the classroom, that would be greatly appreciated.


    Pick up: I will be standing by the Crosswalk driveway. I ask the kids to tell me who they see before they leave me. They are instructed to stay with me until they see their parent/guardian.


    Birthdays: Last year parents sent in a lot of non-edible party favors from Party City to honor and celebrate their child’s birthday. Other ideas that were healthy and complied with the District’s Wellness Policy were frozen fruit bars, fruit kabobs, and fruit snacks.

         I look forward to a great year and to meeting all of you. 





                                                                                    Mrs. Kulas