I give reading, spelling, and math homework, but it’s not in worksheet form or packets.


    Spelling: Spelling lists will go home on Mondays. We will practice reading and spelling the words all week in class. Tests will be given on Fridays. I will modify spelling lists as needed. You can give a practice test to your child on Thursday evenings.


    Math: My primary math homework focus is for parents to help their children learn addition and subtraction facts. I also would like students to work on Dreambox (15-30 min. Mon. –Thurs.) at home with parental help.


    Reading: I know you, the wonderful parents of Room 6 and Carlton Oaks, are reading with your children on a regular basis. Keep reading a variety of genres with them. Keep enriching their vocabularies with fantasy, mystery, fables, folktales, non-fiction, science, and any other types of books that interest you and your child.


    I also will be sending home Individualized Reading Group Word Lists and Stories for most students. Keep the Word Lists for weekly review, but please send back the stories. I have blue folders for transporting the stories to and from school.


    We also will be continuing the Reading Racers Program that the kids are familiar with from kindergarten. Kids will learn to read grade level phonics and sight words. Kids will be given ten words to study at a time. I need a volunteer Friday mornings (preferably) for this Program. If you are interested, please let me know.