I will supply everything for classroom use that your student needs to be successful in school. This includes:
    - a pencil box
    - pencils
    - erasers
    - pens
    - crayons
    - markers
    - colored pencils
    - scissors
    - glue
    - paper
    - folders (both for in class use and to take home)

    Donations are gladly accepted and appreciated! :) Anything donated to the classroom goes directly to the students. Donations might include, but are not limited to:
    - Wet wipes (safe to use on little hands)
    - Prizes for the treasure chest. Examples are: fun erasers, folders, small toys, etc.
    - Paper plates
    - Boxes of 16 crayons
    - Glue sticks
    - Clipboards
    - Gift cards to Office Depot, Target, and Dollar Tree are also helpful
    to replace supplies as needed.