• Student Supply List
    Supplies Needed at Home for Distant Learning (later for homework once in class instruction begins)
    1. Pencils
    2. Crayons
    3. Scissors
    4. Glue stick
    5. Paper ( wide lined and blank)
    6. Stylis
    7. Erasers
    8. Pencil sharpener
    9. Pencil box, quart size baggie, or other small container to hold the 8 items above
    All Students Are Asked to Donate the Following Items Once in Class Instruction Begins
    * I will provide your child with a pencil box for the classroom. Please do not send one to school. 
    1.  2- 1" white 3-ring binder (front view, approx. $3). These are used for your child's Memory Book and Poetry
    2. 1 folder (3 hole punched with two pockets. They usually have a design or character on them, approx. $1)
    3.  $2 to help pay for photos developed and put in your child's Memory Book
    Additional items needed & appreciated throughout the year in the classroom (once we return)
    1. Bandaids
    2. Gallon, quart and sandwich size Ziploc Baggies
    3. Tissues
    Mrs. Eldredge's Class wish List  
    1. Michael's gift cards for classroom art supplies 
    Thank you for your support!