Newsletters and Communication
    Past Years' School Newsletters:
    This Year's School Messenger email/voicemail messages:
     9-12-16 Email only  Middle School Electives (6-8 only)  message   
     9-10-16 Email/Voicemail  Back to School Nights  message  attachment 
     9-3-16 Email/Voicemail  Digital Paperwork (1-8 only)   message   
     9-2-16  Email/Voicemail  Labor Day/Back-to-School Nights  message attachment 
     9-2-16  Email only  Kindergarten T-Shirts (K only)    message  
     8-26-16  Email/Voicemail  iPad Roll Out Grades (1-8 only)  message  
     8-19-16  Email/Voicemail  Welcome Back 2016  message  

    Past years' School Messenger email/voicemail messages:
    12/11/15 Email/Voicemail  re: Lockdown 12-11-15 message  
    10/19/15 Email/Voicemail re: Kid's News Day/Traffic Courtesy message  
    10/15/15 Email/Voicemail re: Progress Reports Next Week message  
    9/30/15 Email/Voicemail re: iPad Parent Orientations (Grades K-2) message  
    9/28/15 Email/Voicemail re: Middle School Activity & more! (Grades 6-8)    message attachment
    9/23/15 Email/Voicemail re: Important Deadlines! message attachment
    9/14/15 Email/Voicemail  re: iPad Paperwork (Grades 3-8 only) message  
    9/11/15  Email/Voicemail re: SSC Members Needed/Back to School Nights message attachment
    9/11/15  Email/Voicemail re: Class Changes (selected families only) message  
    9/04/15  Email/Voicemail re: Labor Day/Back to School Nights  message                 

    6/2/15        Email/Voicemail        re:iPad Return (grades3-5 only)                 message

    5/23/15      Email/Voicemail        re: Memorial Day                                         message
    4/13/15      Email only                re: Talent Show reminder                           message  attachment
    3/15/15      Email only                 re: March Newsletter                                   message
    3/11/15      Email/Voicemail        re: Student Situation after School               message
    3/9/15        Email/Voicemail        re: Yearbook Reminder (Middle School Only) message
    3/5/15        Email/Voicemail        re: PTA Nominations                                   message
    2/5/15        Email/Voicemail        re: Lincoln's Day-Boxtops-Father/Daughter message
    1/27/15      Email/Voicemail        re: Walking to and from School Safely        message
    1/15/14      Email/Voicemail        re: No School - January Holidays               message
    1/13/15      Email/Voicemail        re: January Holidays and Traffic Update    message
    12/18/14    Email/Voicemail        re: Lockdown Drill and Winter Break          message
    12/15/14    Email/Voicemail        re: Title I Parent Meeting                            message
    12/5/14      Email/Voicemail        re: Parent Conference Week                     message
    12/3/14      Email/Voicemail        re: Voicemail offline                                    message
    11/22/14    Email/Voicemail        re: 5th Grade EduDance (5th only)            message
    11/21/14    Email/Voicemail        re: Thanksgiving Break                               message
    11/7/14      Email Voicemail        re: Veteran's Day and Harvest Festival      message
    11/5/14      Email/Voicemail        re: Stuff the Turkey and Santee Santas      message
    11/3/14        Email/Voicemail        re: PTA Fundraiser Items pick-up                message
    10/29/14    Email/Voicemail         re: Dismissal Smoke                                                    message 
    10/25/14    Email/Voicemail        re: Red Ribbon Week and Halloween                message             
    10/10/14    Email/Voicemail        re: 1:1 iPad Parent Orientation (3rd-5th only)    message
    10/7/14      Email/Voicemail         re: Family Night and Progress Reports          message
    9/16/14       Email/Voicemail        re: Lower Lot Changes and PTA Msg.         message
    8/29/14      Email/Voicemail        re: Labor Day/Back to School Nights          message
    8/27/14      Email/Voicemail        re: Pick-up and drop-off                              message
    8/21/14       Email/Voicemail          re: Welcome Back 2014                                             message