okayClassroom Rules

    Follow directions quickly
    Make smart choices
    Respect yourself and others
    Listen when someone is speaking
    Work and play safely
    Be kind to each other
    Be honest and polite
    Keep your dear teacher happy! :)
    You're the best  Class Rewards
    Dojo Points- Students get dojo points when they are making good choices!
    Special Privileges - i.e. bean bags, sit anywhere in the room, etc.
    Free Play- You get rewarded for doing all your class work and making good choices on Friday!  
    Bitmoji ImageBehavior Consequences
    1- Warning
    2- Change color on the behavior chart  
    3- Lose out on a class activity/possible phone call home
    4- Office visit and phone call home  
     BEHAVIOR IS YOUR CHOICE!! Bitmoji Image