• Tiffani Brown:
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    Background: Jr. High ELA, Technology, and Yearbook at Rio Seco
    Favorite app: Anything Google-y
    Favorite restaurant: Too many to choose
    Favorite food: Bagels
    Favorite book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    Favorite movie: The Empire Strikes Back
    Motto: Start Somewhere!
    Kristen Eveland:
    Background: 5th grade teacher at Hill Creek and Cajon Park
    Favorite app: Explain Everything
    Favorite restaurant: Indigo Grill
    Favorite food: Chocolate
    Favorite book: Too many to choose
    Favorite movie: The Goonies
    Motto: It's not you, it's ... (the app, the device, the wifi, etc.) 
  • Stacy Roberts:
    Background: Jr. High ELA, Social Studies, Math, and Leadership at Cajon Park
    Favorite app: Anything that feeds Mo (Edmodo)
    Favorite restaurant: Enterprise Fish Co.
    Favorite food: Seafood
    Favorite book: The River Why
    Favorite movie: The Princess Bride
    Motto: Push the button!
    Jennifer Rolf:
    Background: Jr. High Math and Science at Pepper Drive
    Favorite app: Nova Science
    Favorite restaurant: C-Level
    Favorite food: Hamburgers
    Favorite book: The Help
    Favorite movie: Sleepless in Seattle
    Motto: Behind every "That Was Easy" is a ton of hard work