• Newsletters and Communication
    This section is your resource for school information that is sent home
    either in print or via School Messenger email/voicemail.


    This Year's School Newsletters: 

    Extra copies are in the School Office. These are also sent home via School Messenger email. 

    This Year's School Messenger email/voicemail messages:

    4-8-18 Email/Voicemail Welcome Back from Spring Break message  
    3-13-18 Email/Voicemail Lockdown Drill message  
    2-25-18 Email/Voicemail Read Across America Week message  
    2-16-18 Email/Voicemail No School Monday and Art Show message attachment
    2-9-18 Email/Voicemail No School Monday and Construction message  
    2-6-18 Email/Voicemail PTA Movie Night and Daughter's Ball message  
    2-5-18 Email/Voicemail Perfect Attendance Day message  
    1-12-18 Email/Voicemail No School Monday message  
    12-19-17 Email/Voicemail Winter Break - Lost and Found message  
     12-10-17  Email/Voicemail December Newsletter and Committee Needs  message attachment
    12-3-17  Email/Voicemail Room A Concern (Room A only) message  
    11-17-18   Email/Voicemail Late Field Trip (2nd Only) message
    11-9-17  Email/Voicemail Veteran's Day/Conferences  message  
    11-3-17 Email/Voicemail  Drop Off Changes and Survey  message  
    10-27-17 Email/Voicemail Online Survey and Halloween message  
    10-27-17 Email/Voicemail Cookie Dough Fundraiser (5th-8th Only) message  
    10-20-17 Email/Voicemail  Red Ribbon Week and Halloween  message  
    10-7-17 Email/Voicemail Arrival Dismissal Reminders message  
    10-5-17 Email/Voicemail  Arrival-Dismissal Change message
    10-1-17 Email Only October Newsletter message attachment
    9-28-17 Email/Voicemail Grandparents-Grandfriends Lunch on the Lawn message  
    9-25-17  Email/Voicemail  TK/K Dimissal (TK and K Only) message  
    9-18-17 Email/Voicemail  PTA Update message  
    9-17-17 Email/Voicemail Picture Day and Construction message  
    9-7-17 Email/Voicemail Student iPads are here! message  
    9-4-17 Email only September Newsletter message attachment
    9-4-17 Email/Voicemail Elective Choices (7-8 only)  message attachment
    9-1-17 Email/Voicemail Labor Day/Back to School Nights/Elective Choice  message attachment
    8-24-17 Email/Voicemail PTA Reminders message  
    8-20-17 Email/Voicemail Ready for Tomorrow message  
    8-18-17 Email/Voicemail  Welcome Back 2017  message  
    8-9-17 Email/Voicemail 6th Grade Orientation (6th only) message  
    8-8-17 Email/Voicemail  Kindergarten Welcome (K only) message