• 2017-2018 6th Grade Camp
    Pepper Drive School: January 8 - 12,  2018
    Cuyamaca Outdoor School
    Camp Cost:
    * A payment schedule can be arranged in order to allow for payments to be stretched over time, even after camp has taken place.  All payment schedules must be pre-approved by a Vice Principal.  Please contact Ms. Locke if you want to consider a payment schedule.
    Camp Open House: September 16, 2017
     Fall Fundraiser:
     Cookie Dough - October
    Spring :
    "Mixed Bag"  Sale 
    Spring fundraiser can be applied to 2017-2018 Camp if a balance is still owed.
    (click on the Fundraiser Information link to the left)
    Interested in making a payment for camp online?  Click the link below:
    6th Grade Camp Payment
    For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about camp, click here. This document includes embedded links to a lot of resources!
    To find information about what to bring, click: Packing List.
    For basic information about the Camp Health Office and medications, click here.
    To view the link for the County Outdoor School, click here.
    Thinking about writing a letter to your child at camp?  Consider sending it the week before camp to have the best chance of getting to him/her.  Please write 'Pepper Drive' on the outside of the envelope as well as his/her name.  Camp address:
    12561 Highway 79
    Descanso, CA 91916