• January 19, 2018

    Great Kindness Challenge Week: PRIDE Academy will be one of the schools nationwide participating in “Great Kindness Challenge Week” this January 22nd-26th. I am excited for our students to be able to promote and spread some kindness and love. Our ASB/ Club Live will be providing different events around the week for the school to participate. 

    Kindness Challenge Checklist: Challenge checklist includes specific simple ways we can demonstrate acts of kindness.

    Gratitude Wall: During lunches, there will be a table were students and adults can write notes of gratitude. Notes will be displayed during the week. 

    School-Wide Photo: During Families on Friday, we will gather as a school on the upper playground to take a “heart photo.”

    All PRIDE family members are invited to participate in acts of kindness next week!

    Boxtops Collection:

    Did you know we get $0.10 for every Box Top submitted to our school?  What a great way to help us support classrooms than by clipping a piece off of a product you already buy.  PTA is running a classroom competition for who can raise the most by March 15th.  Our goal is for each student to bring at least 25 Box Tops but the sky is the limit. Two winning classrooms will receive an ice cream party on the March non-compliant food day.

    Thank you and have an enjoyable weekend.

    Terry Heck