• Pick-up and Drop-off Traffic Procedures


     Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures


    At Carlton Oaks our first priority is student safety. As we prepare to start a new year, we would like to quickly review our pick-up and drop-off traffic patterns and procedures.


    **New This Year**

    Our parking lot next to the Jr. High building will now be designated parking for Staff ONLY. There will be no pick-up and drop-off access in that area. Please use the pick-up and drop-off lanes in front of the school for that purpose.



    • The middle lane is for thru-traffic only. The outside lanes are designated for pick-up and drop off.
    • Please do not stand in the pick-up or drop-off lanes, this is essential to keep traffic moving. If you are in need of additional assistance during drop-off or pick-up, please stop into the office and we will be happy to help!
    • There is NO LEFT TURN while leaving our parking lot to Wethersfield Road.
    • Please be mindful of our Bus loading and unloading zone on Wethersfield Road.
    • Please follow all safety patrol directions and signs. These students are an essential part of keeping all of our students and families safe at our crosswalks.


    Designated Drop-off/Pick-up Area B and C


    • Area B curb is reserved for those with a handicap placard, day care providers and parents needing additional time or assistance with drop-off. Vehicles must have an Area B permit displayed while using this area. If you feel you may qualify for this special permit, please stop in the office for an application.


    • Area C curb is reserved for our families needing extra time and assistance from staff during drop-off and pick-up. Vehicles must have an Area C permit displayed while using this area.


    Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding as we ensure a safe pick-up and drop-off for all of our students.