Welcome back to another exciting school year at Sycamore Canyon Elementary School.  We are well into the Santee School District’s 1:1 Digital Learning Program. As I enter my third year in the Santee School District, I am proud to be a member of this amazing learning organization. We will continue to tap into and use the power of technology to empower students and to enhance their personalized learning journey . 

    The District’s 1:1 Digital Learning Program is in full implementation and has placed an iPad in the hands of each student to use for learning during the instructional day and to use in the evenings and on weekends for extended learning opportunities. 

    The goal of the 1:1 Digital Learning Program is to increase the depth of student learning. Students use their iPad device as a tool for learning, enabling deeper understanding of the Common Core State Standards. Students have moved to a more complex level of understanding and application of their acquired knowledge. 

    Software applications such as iMovie and Educreations will provide students with creative development tools.  Technology standards require the creation of complex, multidimensional presentations and projects.  The availability of this technology will allow our students the ability to access to content, create, collaborate, communicate, and think critically.


    Our staff and students continue to thrive in the changing world of technology, our students and teachers have discovered new and innovative applications for these amazing learning tools.  It’s truly an exciting and transformational time for learning!

    I welcome any questions you might have regarding our 1:1 Digital Learning Program, and I look forward to working with you as we continue to explore and define learning using technology at Sycamore Canyon Elementary School.

    In addition to technology we strive for balance with hands on real world learning experiences. The addition of the Cougar Coop will allow our students to interact with real chickens to learn in all content areas.

    Our number one goal at Sycamore Canyon Elementary is to increase student learning. I look forward to an amazing year.