• Sycamore Canyon's Vision:

    At Sycamore Canyon we believe that we are here to provide the best education our students could possibly receive, and that has not changed as we shift to 21st Century Learning. Our constant focus is on developing a community of creative thinkers who collaborate to innovate visionary ideas through project based learning. Projects that have real-world applications and generate students who have a connection to the global community. Students will be judged on the quality and character of their work. Students will have choice in the work products and strong basic skills that allow for application of knowledge to solve real-world problems.


    Teachers and students will use technology as a tool to increase student learning. Through training, our staff will achieve a high level of comfort with the integration of technology into the curriculum. Our students will gain ownership of their learning and regain a love of learning.

    Staff, students and parents will be involved in deep collaboration, which facilitates learning in a way that promotes a community focused environment. We don't settle for anything less than excellence in every aspect of our work. Together we will have the courage to adapt to new challenges and continue our journey as a strong community of dedicated learners.

Last Modified on September 30, 2014