• The School Improvement Program (SIP) is a state-funded project designed to improve existing educational programs from kindergarten through sixth grade.  It furnishes additional funds for:

    ·        purchase of school supplementary materials and equipment

    ·        substitutes to release teachers to attend professional development conferences, workshops, and/or in-services

    ·        parent education workshops

    ·        Breakfast Club Day Care

     This program helps children by:

    ·        meeting individual needs to ensure academic success

    ·        providing teachers with classroom instructional materials

    ·        promoting a positive school experience for each child

    Each year parents and school staff review our instructional program.   Goals are written in a plan called, Single Site Plan (SSP), which incorporates instructional strategies for every area of the curriculum. This SSP is revised and updated with new goals every school year.

Last Modified on October 22, 2007