• Santee School District Strategic Plan

    Santee School District is engaged in a Strategic Planning Initiative that began in 2005. Seven Strategic Planning areas were developed for 2006-2009 and what follows is a status report on Year I implementation of these intitiatives.

         In 2005-2006, a group of dedicated Santee School District teachers, classified staff, administrators, the Superintendent and School Board assembled to develop a three year strategic plan for the district. After engaging in over 600 interviews and surveys of staff and community, including City Government representatives the strategic planning forum of stakeholders, trained by County staff Shari Barker,  identified seven strategic areas the District needed to address. These initiative areas include:

    Programs that Impact Students
            1.    Student Resiliency
            2.    Educational Opportunities
            3.    Student Learning

    Programs that Impact Resources
            4.    Fiscal Solvency

    Programs that Impact the Learning Environment
            5.    Facilities

    Community Outreach

            6.    Parent and Community Partnerships
            7.    Marketing

    Below we have included a chart of critical issues identified by stakeholder teams for the seven areas.

         Chart of Critical Issues

         2007-08 SCORECARD-See the attached scorecard for the Strategic Plan for 2007-08.

          PRESENTATION ON: Strategic Plan Update-November 2007
    Following the Strategic Planning development of goals and ideal outcomes, subcommittees met to develop the following Strategic Planning Action Plans:

         Student Learning Action Plan

         Educational Opportunities Action Plan

         Student Resiliency Action Plan

         Fiscal Solvency and Facilities Action Plan

         Parent and Community Partnerships Action Plan

         Marketing Action Plan

         Action Chart

Last Modified on March 11, 2008