TK Classroom Wishlist   
      24 pack of crayons (crayola)
    Glue sticks (Elemers)
    Bottled Glue (Elemers)
    Gift Cards (Target, Walmart, and Costco)
    White and Colored Copy Paper
    Dry Erase Makers (Expo)
    Ziploc Bags (snack, sandwich, and gallon) 
    Baby wipes
    Stickers, small toys and other prizes for our treasure chest
                  ***** All items are optional but are greatly appreciated! **


    Kindergarten Supply List

    Donations are optional, however greatly appreciated to stretch our classroom budget. This is a general list for the kindergarten grade level. Each teacher will have a specific list for their classroom available once school has started. 
    Thank you for your support!
    *Over the ear headphones (no earbuds)
    *Black dry erase markers thin and chisel tip (Expo preferred)
    *Glue sticks (Elmers preferred)
    *Black felt tip pens (Papermate Flairtip preferred)
    *Crayons (Crayola preferred)
    *Markers (Thick Crayola 10 pack preferred)
    *Pencils (Ticonderoga preferred)
    *Ziplocs (any size)
    *Baby wipes
    *Disinfectant wipes


     K/1 Classroom Wish List
    **Contributing is optional, yet greatly appreciated!
    Frequently used supplies in our class:
    • Dry erase markers
    • Crayons
    • Colored markers
    • Colored pencils
    • Glue sticks
    • White printer paper
    • Baby wipes
    • Kleenex
    • Ziploc bags
    Each child:
    Backpack, lunchbox, small scissors and earphones (for iPad use)
    Thank you for supporting our class! 

    2nd Grade

    If you are able to supply any of the following items for your child, it is appreciated (but not mandatory). Due to limited desk space, some of your child’s supplies will be kept at his/her desk, while others will be stored in a common area to be used as a whole class.

    1. Child-size headphones (for iPad use)

    2. Small to medium flashlight with extra batteries (for Flashlight Friday)

    3. 24 count Crayola Crayons

    4. 12 pack of sharpened colored pencils

    5. Folder for homework

    6. 1 Dozen pencils 


    Baby Wipes

    Expo Dry Erase Markers (thick)

    8 or 10 pack of Markers

    Treasure box items

    Extras of anything above


    Thank you in advance for ANYTHING you donate. Your generosity is ALWAYS Appreciated! 

     3rd Grade

    *computer paper
    *pencils (latex- free)
    *pencil top erasers 
    *paper towels
    *student scissors
    *white poster board
    *permanent markers (Sharpies)
    *industrial pencil sharpener
    *any size ziplock bag
    *earbuds or headphones (it would be great if each student has his/her own pair)
    *pens (blue or black)
    *thin-tipped markers
    *broad-tipped markers
    *handheld pencil sharpener with container for shavings
    *glue sticks
    *bottles of glue
    *spiral notebooks–wide ruled with at least 70 pages
    *wide ruled, lined loose-leaf notebook paper
    *construction paper
    *dry erase markers
    *popsicle sticks
    *prizes for the treasure box
    Thank you for contributing!!!!

    4th Grade 

    Classroom Supplies List:
    -tissue boxes
    -black dry erase markers
    -small, medium, and large sticky notes
    -purple ball-point pens
    -index cards (all sizes)
    -scotch tape (dispensers and refills)
    -single subject spiral notebooks
    -medium and large binder clips
    -roll of raffle tickets
    -ziptop bags (all sizes)
    -clipboards (best at the 99Cent or Dollar Tree)
    -envelopes (small and letter size)
    -manila envelopes
    -lined paper
    -white printer paper
    -white cardstock
    -green or blue pastel colored printer paper
    -graph paper
    -used/new board games 
    -new/used chapter books for classroom library
    -Post-it self-stick easel board pad
    **pair of headphones or earbuds for each student to use with their iPad**


    For Students
    Three ring binder with dividers
    Hand held sharpener
    Colored Pencils
    Colored Markers
    Grading pens (purple preferred)
    3 ring pencil bag for student supplies
    Notebook paper (wide ruled)
    Composition books (4 per student)- Composition preferred, Spirals OK
    Copy paper
    Glue sticks
    Graph paper
    Lined Index Cards
    Expo Markers
    Sticky Notes
    Earphones-- if you would like your own
    For Classroom
    Zip-Lock Bags (sandwich, quart, gallon)
    Clorox Wipes
    Liquid glue
    Construction Paper
    Manila/White paper
    Tissue Boxes

    5th grade: 

    Suggested Supplies

    Pencils and erasers  

    1.5 to 2-inch three ring binder (You want it to fit in your desk. Simple is best.) 

    Black or Dark Blue ink pens$

    Color correcting pens or pencils- red, orange, green, purple (Yellow is not useful.)

    Sticky notes

    Notebook paper

    Graph paper

    A small pouch or pencil box to keep your things together

    Wish List for the Classroom:
    Swiffer™ dusters and refills
    copy paper
    notebook paper
    #18 needles for plastic canvas
    cornhusks- about six per student
    6th Grade: 
    Each Student: 
    • Three ring binder (1 ½ - 2 inches)
    • 5 or 6 Notebook dividers
    • Zippered pencil pouch that fits in the rings of the binder  
    • Hand held pencil sharpener
    • Lined notebook paper
    • 2 ballpoint pens (blue, red,  purple, or black)
    • 2 highlighters
    • Set of colored pencils
      Donations for the Class:
      • Kleenex
      • Paper Towels
      • Zip lock plastic bags (small and large)
      • Scotch tape