Creating Great Videos: Step by Step
    Working with digital video is lots of fun, but it takes planning to make a top-quality film. These resources will walk you through the steps for planning and creating a successful movie, from beginning to end.  
     1. The Idea
    2. The Pitch
    3. Research
     4. The Script
    5. Storyboarding
    6. Shot List
     7. Planning
    8. Production
    9. Editing
    iMovie for iPad Tutorials
    Believe it or not, with your iPad you can not only shoot the video for your movie, but you can also use iMovie for the iPad to edit your work, add titles and transitions, plus music and narration. To help you with this, please see the tutorials below. 
    iMovie Lesson 1:
    Importing Video and Basic Editing

    iMovie Lesson 2:
    Adding Titles

    iMovie Lesson 3:
    Working with Sound/Audio 

    These are the six sample video clips that I used in the tutorial videos. They are great raw footage for your students to use on their iPads to practice with.

    iVIE Submission Process

    iVIE Film Competition Rules - Review this first to make sure that your wonderful film meets contest guidelines (don't forget the maximum video length for the category you choose!). 
    2014 Award-Winning Videos - A great place to get ideas before you get started. 
    Waivers will be needed for nominated videos only. Waivers will be collected after your video is nominated and before the iVIE Festival and Ceremony.

    1. To download student and adult waivers, in both English and Spanish, click HERE.
    2. For Teachers only: Download the iVIE parent introductory letter