• Technology and Publication Services

    Technology is always changing and evolving. What we consider an innovation today can become obsolete very quickly. It is both a challenge and a commitment for the Santee School District Information Technology Department to provide the technology support to the schools in order for the district to remain abreast of this innovation.

    The Technology Department is responsible for the management and support of the technology architecture, hardware, software and respective resources throughout the District. We also provide expertise and leadership in the development, implementation, and support of technological solutions for the District. The Technology Department also provide publication/duplication services for the District.

    Technology Services Include:
    Student Information
    Desktop/Laptop Service & Repair
    iPad Service, Repair and Support 
    Software Support
    Server and Application Support
    Network Support
    Telephone and Fax Support
    Voice-mail Services
    Website Development
    Network Accounts
    Email Support
    Audio Visual Equipment
    Cell Phones
    Interactive White Boards
    Publication Services Include:
    High Speed Copying
    CD/DVD Duplication
    Business Cards
    Instructional Curriculum
    Note Pads
    Forms, Envelopes, Letterhead
    Bernard Yeo
    Director, Information Technology
Last Modified on January 7, 2019