• Project-Based Learning

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    Why Project Based Learning? Check out this Edutopia Video


    What do our students need to know to meet the challenges of the modern age?

    "Today's life and work environments require far more than thinking skills and content knowledge." -  Partnership for 21st Century Skills

    Your student will need skills that we never had to master in our education. They must be ready for a global market which will require them to be able to work collaboratively, problem solve, navigate the digital world, and so much more. For a complete list of the new competencies, here is a link.

    21st Century Skills

    In addition to adopting the 21st Century framework,  Pride Academy focuses on the objectives set by the 21st Century Skill set  and on the Project-Based Learning approach.  How does this affect the classroom experience for your child?


    • Curriculum is standards based, integrated and measured supported through appropriate technologies.

    • Student growth and achievement are measured in a variety of ways/lenses

    • Inquiry and project-based learning is the preferred delivery model for instruction. 

    • Students use technology to access the curriculum. 

    • Assessments that are experiential have a learning component to them

    • Assessments provide opportunity to demonstrate understanding