• Rules of Behavior

    The Simple Version: We treat each other with kindness and respect. We support each other in the quest for learning and we conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity. Room 11 uses Class Dojo (an online program) and also has a card system for behavior. Students change their cards as needed. Green is fantastic! Yellow is "Uh, oh....better think!" and a talk with me, Orange is "Yikes! and the loss of a privilege, and Red is a parent contact and an appropriate consequence. Greens all week and weekly class work turned in are rewarded with Special Activities on Friday: students get to choose to go to the Movie Room, the Game Room, the Art Room, or have Free Play on the Playground.
    Teachers will give verbal warnings when rules are broken.  After these warnings, steps will be incurred.  There is a weekly turn around for steps. 

    Step 1
    Student conference with the teacher. 
    Step 2
    Phone call home by the teacher.  Loss of privilege.
    Step 3
    Second phone call home and a lunch detention.  The detention slip must be signed by school personnel.
    Step 4
    Written referral with Administrative intervention.

    Any infraction past Step 4 is an office referral and parents will be contacted for a conference.

    What puts a student on a STEP?

    1.              Possession of inappropriate, non-school related items, which causes a classroom disruption.

    2.              Not following directions/being off task.

    3.              Disruption of the learning environment.

    4.              Chewing gum or eating candy. (unless given out by school personnel)

    5.              Intimidation/bullying

    6.              Engaging in public displays of affection.

    7.              Play fighting.

    8.              Tardy.

    9.              Not being in an appropriate place at the appropriate time.

    10.          Violating Dress code.

    11.          Profanity/Swearing.  (written or spoken)

    12.          Loss of weekly contract.

    What qualifies for an Automatic Office Referral?

    13. Direct defiance or disrespect to others.

    14. Fighting.

    15. Endangering another person.

    16. Stealing.

    17. Cheating.

    18. Copying/Plagiarism.

    19. Threatening or harassing behavior.

    20. Possession of an illegal substance:  alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weapons, stink bombs, or dangerous objects.

    21. Disrespecting or destroying school property.