• Welcome to Ms. Butterfield's Class at Pride Academy!
    Panthers Rule!

    My name is Ms. Beth Butterfield and I am your child’s teacher for this school year. I invite you to join me in support of your child’s educational experience.

    THE CURRICULUM is driven by the California State and Common Core standards. The assignments, projects, lessons, and activities in which each student participates are all in accordance with these standards.

    SUPPLIES: Our class is a project-based learning environment. We work at cooperative tables and small group meeting areas, and we share our supplies. I recommend a backpack and personal headphones for your child's iPad. (Please see the "Supply List" link on the website for ideas.)

    CLASSWORK INFORMATION: is available on your student's Class Activities schedule and can be found on the website under the"Class Activities" link on our website. 

    SILENT READING BOOK: Your child may bring home a book from the classroom library or our school library. 

    HOMEWORK: I do not assign homework other than reading for pleasure. Brain research has shown that homework at the elementary level is not effective and can be counterproductive. I would much rather have you spend time with your child enjoying all the other activities in your lives. Here is an excellent article in support of no homework: 

    31 Things Your Child Should Be Doing Instead of Homework   

    GRADES: Our report cards are Common Core standards-based and reflect your child's progress toward proficiency in each area. 

    ABSENT WORK: Students have the same number of days to make up assignments as they were absent.

    TESTS AND QUIZZES: Missed tests and quizzes may always be made up for full credit after an additional study period. 

    DISCIPLINE: I use Class Dojo (a classroom behavior management and communication app) and as soon as I receive your email information I will send you an invitation to join our Class Dojo site. You will receive reports every Friday of your child's behavior and effort and you may also check in to see how your child is doing at any time. The kids and parents have loved Class Dojo! I also keep a more traditional behavior chart in the classroom with colored cards for infractions. Sometimes a gentle reminder or a redirection is enough to change inappropriate behavior. However, if the inappropriate behavior continues after warnings and redirection, the child will have to change their card from green to yellow. They will also have a short talk with me at the soonest available private time. A change from yellow to orange will result in the loss of a privilege. A turn from orange to red card results in a Dojo note home. Students may turn their cards back if they show improved behavior. A student with a green card at the end of the week with all work turned in gets special activities on Friday. (Students who have lost their green card may always earn it back with good behavior.)

    REWARDS: “Butter Bucks” can be earned for great effort and wonderful behavior.  Other incentives are:  special activities, special privileges, group rewards, parties, awards, prize box, meaningful praise, the satisfaction of setting goals and achieving them, the excitement of learning something new, and the pleasure of playing and working with friends!

    A GOOD EFFORT AND POSITIVE ATTITUDE, plus parental support are essential to your student’s success this year. Your message of support will begin as you read this letter and fill out the information form that went home in your child's mailbag for return to me.

    CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have any questions please feel free to drop by room 11, contact me on Class Dojo, or email me at beth.butterfield@santeesd.net.

    Ms. Butterfield