Some families have inquired about supply donations that we need in the classroom. 

    Below is a wish list of student and class supplies that we use throughout the year.
    They do NOT need to come to school the first day.  Just send them in as you get them.

                                 The package of construction paper is the only item that needs to be labeled with your child's name

    so that it can be used for their Kindergarten work portfolio.

    Thanks for helping us stretch our budget and support the children!
    Student Supplies
    · Package of 12X18 WHITE construction paper (50 pages). 

    · Back pack-large enough to fit a 12X18 folder, library book, snack, lunch

    · Crayons- box of 24 (Crayola brand is preferable) (2 or more)

    · 4 oz. bottle of white glue (1 or more)
    · Glue sticks (6 or more)
    · Colored markers- classic pack of 10 colors (Crayola brand is preferable) (1 or more)

    · Black dry erase markers- large tip  (6 or more) (Expo brand is preferable)

    · Watercolor 16 color paints (Crayola brand is preferable) 


    Classroom Supplies

    · Gift cards for supplies (Amazon, Target, Walmart)

    · Plastic sheet protectors (the box they sell at Costco works the best because they are heavy duty and smooth -not matte)
    · Computer labels (Avery size 5160 or equivalent)
    · Freezer zip loc bags with sliders (quart, gallon)
    · Zip loc bags  (snack, sandwich)
    · Packages of white copy paper
    · Craft supplies like googly eyes, feathers, sequins, jewels, etc
     · Bottles of tempra paint (sold at craft stores)
     · Hula hoops



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