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    Kindergarten Orientation

    Contact Information

    My name is Rosanne Schwartz and I am excited to be your child's teacher this year!  You can contact me via email or phone.  I try to check these at least once a day, but if you have important information that I need to know that day or even the next, please send a note with your child so I receive the information in a timely manner.  In the event of an emergency, please contact the office at 619-956-5400.  

      • Email address:  rosanne.schwartz@santeesd.net
      • Phone Number:  619-956-5444
      • Communication between home and school is vital for your child's success.  I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I have found that E-mail is one of the most effective ways for us to communicate.  Please make certain I have an E-mail address for you. 
      • Web site address  http://www.santeesd.net/Page/5322

    With advances in technology and teaching methods as well as reductions in school funding, we are trying to communicate and work with less paper this year.  I will be conveying a lot of information via email and my web site that may have been previously sent home on paper.  If you do not have web access, please make sure that you let me know so that I can make sure that you receive all important information.


    Attendance at school is very important and is a Santee District priority. Your child's progress is greatly influenced by daily participation.  If your child will be absent for 5 days or more, you can obtain an Independent Study Contract for your child to complete during the time you are gone.  If the work is completed and turned in on time, the absences will not be counted on your child's attendance record.

    School Hours

    • Kindergarten hours are 8:30to 2:20.  
    • Supervision begins at 8:20 when the gates to the patio open.  Please make sure that your child is in line before the second bell rings as any child arriving after that time will be marked tardy. School starts with the pledge and announcements on the patio at 8:30. Please help your child be on time.
    • Dismissal for Kindergarten students is at 2:20.  Students are dismissed one at a time from the gate on the Kindergarten playground so it would be helpful if your child's pick up person is in that area and can give a wave when your child is at the front of the line. Any children going to Project Safe will be picked up by the Project Safe staff. Please make every effort to pick your child up on time.  In the event of an emergency, your child will be walked to the office at 2:30.   In an effort to ensure safety, the children will not be allowed to play on the playground or lawn areas.
    • Students may only be released to persons who have been authorized to pick them up.  Please let me know who will primarily pick up your child.  If someone else is going to pick up your child, let me know in advance and make sure that person is listed on your child's emergency card.  Your child's safety is my priority!

    Volunteers are an essential part of our school and are an integral part of my classroom.  Classroom volunteers monitor and assist children as they work as well as prepare class activities.  I do a lot of small group rotations to help the children practice academic skills, so having another adult in the class during core academic subjects is extremely helpful.  The school has a "Breakfast Club" which meets on Wednesday mornings to put together materials for teachers throughout the school. They are always looking for new volunteers.  All volunteers, whether they work in the class, at the Breakfast Club, or chaperone on a field trip, must complete the "Volunteer Handbook" and return it to the school secretary.  You must also bring your I. D. as a copy needs to be kept on file.  

    A backpack brought to school each day is the easiest way for your child to transport materials back and forth.  The backpack should be big enough to hold a 10x13 envelope.  Please check your child's backpack daily as they will be bringing home both correspondence from the school and daily work.


    There is time scheduled each day for a snack break as well as lunch.  Your child may bring a small NUTRITIONAL snack to be eaten at recess time.  It is easiest if your child's snack is packed separately from their lunch to avoid confusion.  Lunch will be at 11:15 and may be purchased at the cafeteria or brought from home.  Lunches may be paid for in advance or you may send money daily. If you send money, please place it in an envelope and put your child's name on it.  Please make sure that all food items are sealed securely to help avoid ants. Uneaten food needs to be thrown away unless it is in a sealed ziploc bag. Please wash your child’s lunch box and backpack occasionally to help get rid of any residual food particles—especially if your child told you that there were ants on his/her lunchbox or backpack.

    Dress Code
    Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for energetic and sometimes messy learning and play at school.  Clothing should be washable and comfortable.  Shoes should be sturdy and be enclosed or have a back strap.  No flip flops or clogs.  PLEASE LABEL ALL JACKETS AND SWEATERS!

    The school has a no toy policy at school.  If your child brings a toy to play with at daycare or Project Safe, please make sure that they understand that it needs to stay in their backpack during the school day.

     Birthday Celebrations
    To honor the Santee District Wellness policy, we will be celebrating each child’s birthday in class but will no longer be serving edible treats brought from home. Your child will be recognized with some special in-class activities designed to make them feel special on their important day. If you would like to donate small novelty items to be placed in our “Birthday Box”, they would be greatly appreciated. 

    Homework will be sent home on Wednesday and needs to be returned on the following Wednesday. This schedule will give families an opportunity to do some homework on the weekend if that is more convenient.   The homework will be activity based rather than pencil/paper.  Homework will be explained in detail at Meet the Teacher Night and begin after this meeting.  Completing and returning the homework packet on time will help your child build consistent homework habits that will benefit them throughout their school career.

    • Children start on a "sunny day" each morning and will remain there as long as s/he makes positive choices throughout the day. Students acting as role models and doing an exemplary job have the opportunity to move up to a "rainbow day".
    • If a child needs a reminder, they will move to a "cloudy day" and we will discuss their behavior goal. If the child can then correct their behavior for the remainder of the day, s/he has the opportunity to return to a "sunny day" one time. The idea is that students can work to correct their own behavior.
    • Sometimes children remain on "cloudy" or move to a "stormy day". A child who is on "stormy" has had difficulty regrouping and exhibiting the appropriate classroom behavior. In these instances I will contact you briefly via phone or email so that you are aware of your child's behavior goal for the following day. Everyone working together can help your child achieve success.

    Saying Goodbye
    Saying goodbye at school can be very emotional for you and your child.  A major goal in kindergarten is to allow children to separate and feel a little more independent.  During the morning opening, you need to leave your child in line and stand with the other parents.  As we walk to class, I am asking that you wave goodbye at the gate.  At the beginning of kindergarten some children may cry.  This is a very natural reaction and one that I am very comfortable handling.  This reaction usually subsides quickly and soon the crying child is confident, happy, and engaged in class activities.  



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